Go for a walk!


Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd March

Well. What can I say? Times are tough aren’t they?

I’m lucky that I live in a small town and have some open fields near me.

Virus free zones hopefully.

So far I’ve got myself out for a walk every day. I think it’s SO important if you can. It gets your body moving from just being around the house all the time, you get some lovely fresh air and it helps your state of mind, even though sometimes that may only be temporary 🤯 It does give you a break.

Now as some people know cooking is not my strong point. Sometimes even eating is not my favourite thing to do! But on Saturday night I cooked a curry 😱 Okay it wasn’t the most amazing thing but I quite enjoyed making it and it didn’t taste that bad either.

And then it was Mother’s Day. I was luckier than a lot of mums all over the country this year as I had my two special girlies at home to spend the day with me.

Leah cooked us all scrambled egg and yes there was another walk.

We’re being lucky with the weather at the moment, its been sunny and reasonably warm if you can stay in the sun and get out of the wind.

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