Blue sky’s


Monday 14th to Monday 21st September

What a beautiful week of weather, oh to have been away at the seaside 🏖

And even better to be staying in this …

Look at this incredible campervan conversion 😱

But this is the nearest I get 🤷‍♀️

So instead I just kept pottering around outside whenever I could. I made this new little area in the garden.

I’ve taken the peas out now and just let my strawberries take over the recycling bin. So 🤞 for lots more 🍓 next year.

I love this pretty little flower.

Oh and I also went walking. I always look out for the birds on these telephone wires when I’m passing.

At the beginning of August there were this many!

Zoom in to see the birds! They seem to meet up here every day in the early evening!

Such beautiful blue sky’s we’ve been having ☀️

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