Saturday 17th to Saturday 24th October

Have a look at the slideshow of some of the winning photographs for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Some of them are quite amazing, but then they do go to quite some effort to enable them to capture the right shot.

What do you think of this lovely beast?!

This was taken by Leah on a recent visit to a farm park.

Have a look at Leah’s Instagram page leahdunbar_photography – she has some more of her own great wildlife photos on there too 📸

And while we’re on this sort of subject! Look at this …

The Giant Hand of Vyrnwy

The remnants of the UK’s tallest tree (taller than a 20 storey building) which was felled after being damaged in a storm, was transformed into a carving of a giant hand.

Scaffolding was erected around the ‘blank canvas’ tree trunk, which took 2 days itself to erect as the terrain was so difficult. Then there were 6 days of intense work using chainsaws and grinders.

Artist Simon O’Rourke said “It’s a last attempt by the tree to reach the sky”.

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