New wellies


Wednesday 13th to Monday 18th January

On 13th January 2015 I went live on the transplant list.

From my blog back on that day –

“Tuesday morning I get the call. I’m now live on the transplant ‘Priority’ list. Phones to be kept charged, not on silent etc. Now on standby for call any time, day or night. Wonder how hard this is going to turn out to be, could be out shopping, in the shower, having a meal, anything 😏

So if I go quiet you will know where I am!”

And we all know what happened next πŸ₯

That was 6 years ago now, gosh I was SO unwell at that time.

Thanks to my two donors and their families I am now fit and well.

And able to spend some of my time in the kitchen making these chocolate cupcakes!

Myself and Leah also tried the Breakfast wrap hack

Perhaps a bit more filling next time, but it was rather πŸ˜‹

Time to christen my new wellies. My old ones have been leaking for so long. Such a treat to not come back from a walk with wet and muddy socks and feet!

I love them 😍

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