We’ve got you a liver


Sunday 21st to Friday 26th February

First of all I must just show you all of my lovely birthday flowers 💐

And now, yes its that time of the year again, we go back to 2015.

On 21st February I got a phone call from Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham to say they had a liver for me.

To the hospital we all went. After various tests and waiting to see if the new liver was a match, I was eventually wheeled down to theatre at 4.10am. I don’t remember feeling scared. And thats the last I knew about this week of the year. I don’t think I woke up again until March!

Goodness me, when I read back I realise just what tough a time I had put my family through. I’m sorry 😢

The next day they found out that my first liver transplant was failing and the hospital had 72 hours to find me another.

Robyn had looked after my phone during all of this time. She used to send me text messages 😍 even though she knew that I obviously wasn’t going to be reading them.

The relief they must have felt.

Anyway, I made it through it all somehow, and now back to 2021, I’m still around to drive everyone mad.

A windy couple of days, where you would have found me (despite my bad back) in my garden trying to find a way to keep my fence post up with some string! I do seem to have some crazy ideas and do some mad stuff but at least I try 😏

We then had some nice warm and sunny weather days.

So there was a nice little trip to the tip to clear just some of my rubbish that I seem to like to collect!

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