Cleaner upper


Friday 5th to Monday 8th March

We inherited this fish tank (fish included!) with the house.

As you can see, it doesn’t particularly look too wonderful any more and it was now leaking. Time for it to go 👋

Leah caught the fish and off we went, walking down the road with the fish in our bucket! delivering them to a friend who already has a nice big pond in their garden.

They were lovely looking fish! 🐠🐡 I was actually really sad to see them go.

After LOTS of hard work (look out for the pics on my Photos page) it now looks like this.

Obviously I did not do all of the demolition myself, I was cleaner upper, but I did have a little go 😀

But I’m now left with this!

I didn’t realise just how difficult and expensive it is to try and get rid of waste from your own garden. I’ve tried to give it away to people I know for building rubble! I’ve been out in my garden weighing a concrete block! so that I could work out the cost of taking all of them to the tip, I’ve found out the price to hire a skip … 🤯

In other news, I finally completed my jigsaw puzzle, it’s only taken about two months! But it was a really fun one to do.

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