Sunny walks


Saturday 22nd to Monday 31st May

It has been almost two years since Hook Norton Brewery have been able to use their Shire horses for deliveries (thanks to Covid). They are one of only 3 breweries in the UK that still use the Shire horse for their deliveries. They usually deliver to the pubs in Hook Norton every week.

The Shire horse is one of three native British breeds of heavy working horse – Shire, Clydesdale and Suffolk Punch – and has, since the Second World War, declined in numbers so dramatically that they are now reputedly rarer than the Giant Panda.

We were lucky enough to get a visit to our town at the weekend.

From 1st to 23rd May was Oxfordshire Art Weeks.

“Enjoy a walk around the lanes of Chipping Norton passing images of work from local artists.”

So that’s what I did! Here’s just a few of my favourites.

Can you see the face?

Some lovely sunny weather of course means some more lovely sunny walks. I find it hard to get myself to stay inside!

I spy Chippy

Pinching the duck’s bread!

👣 👣 👣

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