Tuesday 9th to Tuesday 30th November

Back from Weymouth and then not well for a while 😏 Apparently some kind of viral infection (it wasn’t Covid!)

I was walking through Castle Quay Shopping Centre in Banbury one Saturday and my eyes were immediately drawn to this which I spotted in an empty shop.

Of course I had to go and investigate as it fascinated me!

“It’s a collection of pillboxes that I have stored during my journey with Lupus SLE and various treatments, which currently involves no oral medication, only chemotherapy every 6 months! It’s often nice to reflect on what my journey has been like and without these pills/modern medicine, researchers and of course my NHS multi-disciplinary team, I definitely wouldn’t be here today.”

It was an exhibition called ‘Diagnosed & Contained’ by Beatrice Moreira-Watkins.

There were other pieces of her art on display too!

“The exhibition is centred around a multi-media response to my diagnosis of Lupus SLE with Secondary Fibromyalgia. I use art therapy as a form of holistic healing for the pain I experience through the auto-immune conditions I live with, but when you look at my artwork you don’t see pain. It becomes invisible just like my illnesses.”

I couldn’t resist. I just had to do it.

Just a tiny display using my own medications that I still had laying around, as some had already reached my recycle bin! 🙂

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