Saturday and Sunday – Not a nice weekend


Terrible weekend in EVERY way you can think of.

At times like these I wish I was back in the protective bubble of the hospital, laying on my bed ALL day if I want to and getting waited on with everything I need.

Then you come back to real life with a massive nasty bump.

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  1. What’s in the pandora bags then ?
    Oh no have I missed your birthday Robyn ? Is that why Julie is buying you a duvet?
    Are you any nearer to making a decision yet val
    I,m sorry you’ve had a bad weekend , is that physically and mentally?
    I seem to be full of questions don’t I ???


    • Yeah, Questions Questions Questions!!!!
      Here are the answers – (feel like I’m doing a quiz)!
      1) Something from Pandora …
      2) Robyn’s birthday? She’s 22 years old and you don’t know when your nieces birthday is yet! tut tut
      3) Julie is buying Robyn a duvet to keep her warm in her freezing cold bedroom.
      (btw I think you have got this from Facebook Lynda and your asking Robyn questions on MY WordPress blog 🙂 ha ha)
      4) Well I’m being threatened by my daughter so don’t seem to have a lot of choice :/
      5) Physically, mentally and personally. All bad, bad, bad at the weekend.
      I hope this puts your mind at rest for just a little while!
      Love from, your little sis


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