Monday and Tuesday – ‘Paddington’ and ‘Priority list’


On Monday there was another hospital appointment to go to but thankfully this time it wasn’t for me. Life still goes on as normal. And I went to see the new film ‘Paddington’ which was a nice treat. Normal day really.

Tuesday morning I get the call. I’m now live on the transplant ‘Priority’ list. Phones to be kept charged, not on silent etc. Now on standby for call any time, day or night. Wonder how hard this is going to turn out to be, could be out shopping, in the shower, having a meal, anything :/

So if I go quiet you will know where I am!

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  1. You’ve done it then val . Your on the list! I know it’s easy for all of us to say go on the list when it’s not us that’s doing it , but I do think you’ve made the right choice . You need the chance to have a more normal life . You have my numbers , if you or the girls need me to do ANYTHING at all ring me . Love from big sis.

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