Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th June

I met my friend Kate in the town for a cuppa on Wednesday morning. We had a lovely chat.

The phone rings. My Prograf dose needs to change to 4.5mg twice a day. Have I got any .5mg tablets? No. Okay then we will send some out to you but until they arrive take 4mg in the morning and 5mg at night. 

Three telephone calls from them this week!!

As it was a nice evening Robyn decided she wanted to go for a walk. She invited Julie and Hannah but they were being lazy and wouldn’t come! So me, Robyn and Leah set off with Jake our dog. He’s getting old now, some days he’s fine and some days his legs give up on him. This was obviously one of those days. We didn’t get very far so took him back home. Poor thing. Leah stayed home, me and Robyn continued our walk for a bit longer.

Thursday was spent doing jobs. It was a warm sunny day so I found some things that I could take outside to do in the garden. 

I had agreed to go for a walk 👣 in the evening with a group of friends. They go every week and before transplant I had started to join them, but as I became more ill I just couldn’t manage it. Even a simple thing like a walk around the town I just couldn’t do. I was way too tired at that stage, or had lots of fluid in me or had some kind of pain or illness. So now I had decided that it was time to get back to it. I had missed it and the company. But as I had been quite busy and on my feet most of the day, my body was quite tired and aching, I didn’t think I would make it round and it probably wouldn’t have been good for me and I would have suffered afterwards. I was very annoyed with myself as I hadn’t planned my day too well had I? I should have had an easier day so that I could have gone out 😡 

I was still very frustrated with myself, I couldn’t settle and it was another lovely evening, so I asked Jack if he would get the strimmer out of the shed and attack my rather long grass which was out of control. The plastic wire bit that actually cuts the grass kept snapping off, it just wasn’t up to the job, so he stopped. That made me even more frustrated. When was it ever going to get done? 


Friday afternoon I walked to my friend Jackies’s house and had a cup of tea with her. I even had a chocolate biscuit (naughty me!) …

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