Nice day out!!!


Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th June

I stayed at Gary’s this weekend.

We went into Banbury to look at lawnmowers and ended up having a pizza! It was good though. Vegetarian one for me with spinach of course for my iron intake!! We did look at lawnmowers too. There was an offer on in Homebase for a mower and a strimmer, both of which I need really. But as always I didnt buy them :/ When we got back Gary decided he was going to have a go at my grass with his own lawnmower as Jack hadn’t been very successful. Now i have hardly any grass out there, he killed it 😧

On Sunday we went to look at trains at Didcot Railway Station!!! 🚂 Woohoo. Gary’s an ex trainspotter can you believe? There was a transport rally going on so there were some old cars and buses on display too. Good job it was a warm sunny day as that made it okay to just wander about anywhere really! And I got to have a 99 with a flake 🍦 We did get to have a tiny ride on a steam train though, that was good fun. And we got to ride on an old fashioned double decker bus which was fun too.

Emma (Gary’s daughter) and her boyfriend Jamie came round when we got back. It was Emma’s birthday the next day and they had spent the afternoon making cakes for her tea party. I was lucky enough to be given a couple. Yum. 

Went out for dinner and a drink in the evening.

Weekend over.

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