My invention!


Monday 8th to Tuesday 9th June

Back at home today. But I was very frustrated, I just couldn’t seem to get on with anything. Robyn was home as it was her day off from work but as I had no clinic appointment she had booked her own appointments and was in and out with those keeping herself busy. She went to the local leisure centre and had a massage and to the beauty salon and had her nails done 💅  In the evening yoga. A lovely pampering day for her. But you deserve it Robyn 😜

On Tuesday I had arranged to meet my brother Peter. When he visited me in the hospital we agreed that when I first came home we would go for coffee and jokingly we would stop at every lamppost on the way to the cafe and I would do some squats to strengthen my leg muscles. Of course this never happened! But we did meet today and had a good natter. After, I carried on walking into town and took some of my old tablets I had sorted out into the pharmacy for them to dispose of. I’ve got hundreds as most of the medication I was taking before transplant has now stopped. I dread to think of the cost of it all. But there’s nothing else you can do with them. They won’t reissue them, even though the packets are unopened. I then met about 3 other people along the high street who I hadn’t seen since my transplant, so stopped and had a chat with them. 

When this happens I realise that I miss my job for that reason, I miss all my regular customers. I work on the checkout in the local supermarket, which suited me in the years before I became really ill, as I didnt have to use my brain too much. With the confusion going on in my head and hospital appointments and tests here, there and everywhere, it helped to do a job that didnt take too much thought or have too many responsibilities. Its time now to maybe think about going back, but i really dont know what to do. Some people tell me yes get back to it, others say don’t do too much too soon, that obviously confuses me even more. I would also love to train as a counsellor or something health related but I just don’t know what or where and you also don’t get paid for doing that! In my crazy days in hospital, and when I had tubes and wires everywhere and couldn’t talk and I was too weak to even write with a pen, one of my ‘thoughts’ was that I was going to invent something when I recovered. It was like a touchpad and patients could just press certain preset buttons to communicate with the nurses and doctors and even your visitors, telling them what you needed/wanted!

Maybe inventing will be my new career …

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