Side wards


Thursday 25th June

So I was woken up at 1.15am to be told that I was being moved to a ward. The porter didn’t turn up until 2.00am! Seems crazy how they leave you all day then want to do everything with you in the middle of the night :/

I was put in a side ward again down a small corridor even further away from everyone. I felt like I was being punished for something, not in a place where they were going to make me better. And when completely cold toast and a stewed lukewarm cup of tea arrived for my breakfast, that was the last straw. I am supposed to eat regularly to help my recovery, this I find difficult enough as it is as I have no appetite, there was no way I could even attempt to have any of that. I got upset 😥 I so badly wanted to go home. I wasn’t feeling particularly unwell at this time either.

The doctor came and said that my white blood cells were still very low. I needed to keep having these strong antibiotics so I still couldn’t go home. Yet from my tests they still couldn’t find an infection.

This side room was SO hot and you couldn’t open the windows to let fresh air in. They had big bits of plastic screwed to them! We mentioned this to the doctor and he said that they were trying to get me out of this room to yet another ward because the one I was in was mainly for people with heart problems and they didn’t have any experience of transplant patients! Urm, so why was I transferred there in the first place? Because that was probably the only side room available at the time apparently. In the meantime the nurse went and found me a fan for the room.

One of the nurses from this ward was quite fascinated by me. She kept asking lots of questions and wanted to know all about the operations and things. Like I said, she hadn’t come across a patient like me before, I was quite a novelty!!

The reason for all the side rooms is because my white blood cells (neutrophils) are very low. Neutrophils help the body fight infection and it would be much too dangerous for me to catch an infection from any of the other patients here, so they reduce the chances of that happening by isolating me 😦  Please come back to me very soon white blood cells.

I think I was moved around tea time (not in the middle of the night for once!) to the correct ward this time. 

Just kept being pumped with the antibiotics.

Gary, Robyn, Hannah (and Tom briefly) came to visit. I can’t remember what the food was but it was something I didn’t want to eat and they all kept bullying me about my eating habits and how awful they are 😏

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