Chicken, coleslaw and pasta


Friday 26th June

This morning the diarrhoea started. This is the reaction I have to the strong drugs they give me. I had it in Birmingham. But of course the doctors think it might be where my infection is so they want to do a camera to investigate. I hate these procedures. Anyway I didn’t have much time to think about it, the porters soon arrived to take me down. 😳 Right at lunchtime too. I missed my fish and chips because when I got back they said I couldn’t have it. Think it’s something to do with the temperature of the food. Or maybe they had just given it to someone else!! So I had to have a ham sandwich which I had also ordered for my tea!

Then they decided they were going to move me again. This time on the same ward but just a bit further along, another side room down a short corridor.

I was wheeled off for an X-ray on my tummy. Dr Ellis was waiting for me in my room when I got back. He hadn’t brought good news for me. Because I had still been having temperatures and my white blood cell count was still low, he didn’t want to let me home. He said it was just too risky. I was going to have to spend the whole weekend in this room on my own. I was going to go mad.

Leah and Hannah brought me some still warm cooked chicken from the supermarket and some coleslaw, to try and tempt me into eating. I ate the chicken and some of the coleslaw. Quite tasty. They had more success than poor Robyn and Hannah last night. They brought me some pesto pasta and another tomato or something! pasta and I hardly ate any, I didn’t like it :/

I got another temperature this evening. Over 100 again. I have a bad headache and my neck aches, my eyes are watery, I’m sweating.

Because of this the doctor came again. I was going to be given 3 different kinds of medication now because I shouldn’t still be getting temperatures after two full days of antibiotics. One of these new medications was from a group of drugs that I have had before and which made me feel a bit strange! when taking it, so I was a bit worried about this one. But the doctor said they really did want me to try it again because they thought it would help me.

Well I had it. Intravenously as always. They kept coming in and checking on me. But so far I have had no bad reaction to it.

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