Cheesy grin


Saturday 27th June

So because of my high temperature the porters arrived at 12.30am to take me down for another chest X-ray. I guess their looking for any chest infection. As I was half asleep I decided to go in my bed. Normally they like to wheelchair you. But why not spoil yourself I thought. There was just one girl sat on the bed waiting for me in the X-ray department. I said to her ‘Are you here on your own all night?’ She was. That must be difficult having to try to stay awake all night when your on your own. She said that A&E was busy so that may have kept her busy too. I think that’s what she was hoping for.

Had a lovely shower this morning 🚿 The shower here is like a power shower, it sprays halfway across the room. So my ensuite bathroom got a little flooded. Whoops!

I think this was the day that they took 5 attempts to get a cannula into my arm. My poor veins are starting to give in.

I felt tired and just not quite myself this evening and led on my bed dozing and did nothing else.

A doctor arrived late at night wanting to take yet more blood. He peered round the door with a big cheesy grin on his face. Silly man! He was nice though.

I don’t think much else happened today, but that’s it on weekends in hospital, they have skeleton staff.

I wish I could go home 😦

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