On the buses


Monday 27th to Friday 31st July

Monday morning I went with Robyn to pick up her new car from Kidlington. Trouble was, how were we going to get there? We decided we would get on the  Oxford bus. But when we got on, the driver told us he wasn’t going through Kidlington. So we had to go right into Oxford, get off and find a bus back to Kidlington!! Oh well, a bit of an adventure for a Monday morning.

Into the garage we went and poor Robyn had to part with her money, then off she drove in it. It’s a nice car, a lovely blue Volkswagen Polo. I used to have one too but Robyn’s is a much newer model. We got some lunch, got some shopping then had to get home so Robyn could go for her massage. What a life she has 😜

Tuesday and Wednesday I just spent at home. Very boring really and much too quiet for my liking.

Thursday was photo shoot day 📷 Robyn had been in touch with the Oxford Mail to get some publicity for her donor challenge and a lady had contacted her to arrange for a photographer to come out! So at the crazy time of 9.00am in the morning we were posing 😃 in our organ donor t-shirts and with Robyn’s dad, who has also had a kidney transplant can you believe! I wonder how many children have had to go through that, both parents having transplants? I’d love to actually know.

It was funny. Me and Robyn had to look at each other and we couldn’t do that without laughing. We had loads of pictures taken. Don’t know what on earth they will look like. We are supposed to be in the paper either on Saturday or Monday apparently. So we wait to see …

My next challenge was to get to my local doctors’ surgery. I had an appointment at 10.20am. I was going to have to catch a bus from the town to the surgery that’s just out of town. I got there just in time. Had a good old chat with Dr Fisher. I used to see him all the time before transplant so he wants me to keep in touch now! He said I was looking so much better, he told me I always looked quite ill when he saw me before so he had got used to seeing me like that! He’s still saying I can’t go back to work yet though :/ I was then too early to get the bus back so I went into the hospital which is next door to the surgery and had a chat to my friend Wendy who I used to work with a few years ago. It was nice to see her although we are Facebook friends so we do keep in touch that way.

A bit of an eventful day for me!

Friday I did a bit of packing. I’m going on holiday to Cornwall tomorrow 🔆🍦

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