An early start


Saturday 1st August

At 4.45am the alarm went off, although I had been awake for about two hours already :/ Few swigs of tea, get ready quick and off we went to pick up Gary’s daughter Emma and her boyfriend Jamie. The plan was to meet the rest of the holiday party at Gordano services at 7.00am. For once we arrived early!! Hello Gary’s mum and dad, his sister Ali and Tim her husband and their children Lily, Molly and Katy. Had a coffee, was this really mine?! …


Then on to our next meet up point for bacon sandwiches. And then our next one for another drink!! Last stop St Minver Holiday Park, Cornwall. We were staying in 3 separate caravans but all quite close to each other.

We encountered some rain on the way but by the time we had got into our caravan and got sorted the sun was out, so some of us sat out on our patio for a while. That was nice.  

Not a good start for my eating this holiday though. We went to the clubhouse on the site. I ordered a vegetable lasagne which was still cold when it arrived so we sent it back. When it came back again I didn’t really like it too much so I only ate half of it anyway :/ Fussy old me 😏 Back to the caravan for bed, it had been a long day. But sleeping wasn’t too successful either!

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