Two beach days 


Sunday 2nd to Tuesday 4th August

Off to the beach today. So first we had to go into Wadebridge as Emma and Jamie wanted to buy a wetsuit. All the kids like to go bodyboarding while on holiday. As it was Sunday most of the shops were shut, the one that was open was too expensive so that idea was given up. We did get to go to Granny Wobbly’s fudge shop though, that was a nice bonus.

It was lovely at the beach, sunny but windy. Had a walk down to the sea when the rest of them were ready in their wetsuits 🏄 Normally I would have got changed and gone in the sea too but i knew it was going to be ‘rather cold’ and I wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea or not to be battered about by the waves.

Gary’s dad cooked a barbecue in the evening and everyone came over to our caravan to eat. Then my tummy decided it was going to be unsettled! so I stayed in the van 😦 while everyone else went up to play rounders and had a drink in the clubhouse.

On Monday we drove to a village called Rock and waited for the passenger ferry which was going to take us over to Padstow. We wandered around the shops and the harbour there. It’s nice in Padstow but it was incredibly busy. Very long queues for pasties and ice creams! And so many dogs on holiday too!!!

But I did get to have a cup of tea with a seagull while in Padstow!

Tuesday we thought was going to be another nice beach day. It was sunny at times and when that happened it was actually nice and warm but it was also very windy.

Hot dog and chips to eat when we got back 🙂 this time at Ali’s caravan. Then up to the clubhouse. There is hardly any mobile phone signal in our caravans and no internet service so we all descend upon the clubhouse in the evening to try and get on the free Wifi. Even that’s a bit temperamental though and if you are lucky enough to connect it can be very slow at times.

Worth going up there though for the warm Sahara nuts with some kind of curry flavour coating on them that you can get from there – nice!!!

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