Holiday over


Saturday 8th August

Up we get. Time to pack. It never all goes back in as easily does it?!!

We all said our goodbyes.

We had already decided that we were going to stop at Tintagel first for a wander around and some last minute present shopping. We also were going to go down to the beach there pebble hunting, but the tide was in so we couldn’t actually go right down. A real shame because I love it there.

I had a nice ploughmans for lunch though and got some more fudge as there was another Granny Wobbly’s shop. Yay 🙂  After a look around the shops it was time to go 😦  We had a good journey home, there were hardly any hold ups with the traffic.

Robyn and Leah weren’t at home so I just went straight back to Garys after dropping Emma and Jamie off.

After a quick sit in the garden we then decided to go down to our local pub as a friend’s band was playing there. A nice end to our holiday.

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