Meal out


Friday 7th August

I heard some terrible news this morning when I woke (more details in a future post), so I didn’t go up to the clubhouse with the others. They were going up to see if they could win a cuddly Minion from the machine in the games room. It was out of order though :/

Emma and Jamie got a lift to the beach with her grandad and grandma so me and Gary tried to find somewhere else to go for a while. There wasn’t really anywhere where we hadn’t been before unless we travelled a long way so we just went to meet the others at the beach too in the end. It was cloudy when we first got there with a few spots of rain but then that cleared and it came out quite hot and sunny 🙂

Jamie and Emma were having fun 🙂

On the last evening of the holiday we all go out somewhere nice for a meal together. This is what I had to eat.

Chargrilled chicken burger on a brioche roll. It was nice but cold! My dessert was Eton Mess. I didn’t eat all of either of them :/ but I did quite well. We then went back to the clubhouse for our last Wifi session! and back for bed, as alarms were going to have to be set for the morning. The bad thing about staying in these static caravans is that when your holiday is over you have to be out at 10am 😵

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