The Queen Elizabeth Hospital


Thursday 21st January 

Another hospital visit today. But this time not for me 🤗 For Robyn and her nosebleeds! So I took her in my mini 🚗

I drove to Kidlington Park & Ride and we got a bus in from there. Oxford is a real nightmare at the minute, roadworks everywhere. And they tell you to leave an hour to find a parking space in the JR as it is so busy all the time. It was easy on the bus.

So Robyn ended up having her nose cauterised 😱 She has been suffering with nosebleeds for months, having one most days, some heavier than others. And after the last really bad one when she had to go to the doctors for it, they referred her to Oxford to see a consultant. He told us there was nothing to worry about, their very common and just something you have to put up with really. He had a look up Robyn’s nose and said he would cauterise it to see if that would help. So she had some anaesthetic put up her nose, which apparently would taste really awful, and it did! Then we had to wait about 10 or 15 minutes for it to work and then she could have it done. It was me asking ‘would it hurt’ and dreading it happening. I can’t bear the thought of even the simplest procedure any more. And this even wasn’t going to be happening to me!!!

I was wondering how on earth they would do it and they have a thin wooden stick (just like the ones you get now to stir your coffee with in cafes!) with chemicals on the end which he just put up the nose, moved it about slowly and then held still for a while so it could seal the blood vessels. Robyn said she couldn’t feel a thing, it all looked very gentle anyway.

When we had finished there we got the bus back to the Park & Ride. And on our way home we stopped off and got a nice lunch 🍽

Robyn went off to the gym in the afternoon and I was left trying to catch up a bit with my online course. As the week has been quite busy I have got a bit behind with it :/

Evening walk 👣

I have also been listening to Radio 5 Live today as they have been broadcasting live from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. They are doing this for 24 hours from 6am today. It was really quite interesting and a great idea I thought. I heard them talk about two of the domestic staff Pat and Norma and later I saw a picture of them on Twitter being interviewed and I recognised them as being two of the cleaners from up on the liver ward when I was there! They also interviewed people in the Teenage Cancer Young Persons Unit, A&E and spoke to a porter and the Chief Executive, among other things.

My life was saved in the QE. It has been a good place for me to be and also a bad place. I get such mixed feelings about it now every time I go to visit for my clinic appointments. I have absolutely loads of memories from there, happy, sad, funny, scary. I have met some people who I would never have come across in my lifetime if it wasn’t for my time spent there. Special people to me at a crazy time.

Here are a few interesting facts about the hospital for you!

It cost 545 million pound to build. It deals with 1 million patients every year. There are 8,800 members of staff. There are 1,213 inpatient beds and 32 operating theatres.

Every day staff have to clean 127 flights of stairs, 1015 toilets and 3,105 hand basins.

Quite amazing. And here it is.


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