Strange visit


Monday 18th to Wednesday 20th January

Organised Robyn had already been to the gym and yoga and packed herself a lunch. I threw a Dairylea dunker and an apple in my bag. Then we set off to Birmingham. Clinic today.

It was a bit of a strange visit today. And it wasn’t just me, Robyn said too that my consultant was a bit odd today. Maybe it was because it was at the end of a long busy day, who knows?! Anyway my new liver is doing just fine right now and my kidney results have improved (though still not exactly what they should be). So if my results are still good this time, I can reduce my tacrolimus two weeks before my next clinic appointment, so it doesn’t leave it too long before they can check to see if it’s having any unwanted effect on me.

Luckily for Robyn, we didn’t get stuck in any traffic on the way home either.

Tuesday morning and work again. I told a couple of my regular customers that I was getting a car at last and picking it up later today, as they always ask how I’m getting on or what’s been happening with me!

So after fiddling about sorting out some insurance, it was time to go and pick up MY car 🤗

I wasn’t sure at first whether I should drive it back on my own or not as I haven’t driven for over a year. I was thinking of getting Leah to drive us over and then Gary could drive it back. But then I said to myself ‘you’ve got to do it sometime, just get on with it’ and so I did!! And it was fine. I thought that maybe I would be a bit scared, but I honestly wasn’t. The girls came out and had a look at it. They both liked it. Leah was quite surprised saying ‘it’s quite good for you, you don’t normally have anything like this’!! and she was right. I have always had old bangers. Not that this car is new at all, but it’s only had one owner and is in really good condition. 

Wednesday. And I had to go to work again. Yes, from today I’m adding an extra shift into my working week. I will see how I get on. I think it will be fine, I just won’t have as much time to fiddle about at home now :/ 

After work I met Robyn in Caffe Nero for an hour while she was on her lunch break.

I had every intention of getting on with some much needed jobs when I got back but I seemed to get engrossed on my Liver Transplant course and was just sat in the semi dark on my iPad when Robyn came in from work! Where did that time go to? 😳

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