Nice new bed


Friday 15th to Sunday 17th January

A bit of a chaotic morning at work. As soon as I arrived I had to go into a meeting with my boss and some other members of staff, straight from there I had a meeting myself with just my boss, and then finally on to the tills, where by this time my concentration was suffering a little :/ Then at the end of my shift I was trying to sort out some holiday I have owing, my normal holiday and some odd days off. Not as easy as it sounds. All the dates have to be checked to make sure others aren’t off as well.

Robyn made our dinner when she got in from work today. Pasta with chicken and veg. It was really nice πŸ˜‹

On Saturday lunchtime we set out to McDonalds, Headington, Oxford. We were going to meet Gary’s family for a ‘lunch date’ as it had been his niece Lily’s birthday a couple of days before.

Gary had shown me a car that was for sale on the Internet. So I had rung this morning to arrange a visit as we were already going to be out in the right direction. I have mentioned before that I was now just going to settle for a red car, and this was a red mini. So after everybody went their separate ways, off we went. There were a few little scratches, one of the window switches didn’t work and the airbag light was showing on the dashboard, but the lady said they would get those fixed. I didn’t know whether to buy it or not πŸ€”

When I got back I made an appointment for tomorrow to go and look at another car that we had also seen on the Internet. A red mini again, but this time with a black roof!

Sunday morning and off we went for the viewing of the car. I liked the look of it, Gary gave the car one of his major inspections! which it passed, and then I bought it πŸ˜ƒ I can pick it up on Tuesday.

I then just spent the afternoon at home getting a few odd jobs done.

Robyn was busy cleaning and sorting up in her bedroom as she had got a new bed and Tom was going to put it together for her later this evening. This was a big event because she has just been sleeping on a mattress on the floor since we moved, as her old bed had been broken a long time ago!

Can you see her beloved Barney! I can’t wait to ruffle that up and make it all messy 😜
In the evening I went round to Gary’s so that he could take a back up of all my photos and other things on my phone so that it could be restored to factory settings. I have been having trouble with my phone for months now, it just randomly keeps restarting itself. So that’s what the man in the shop had advised me to do. This took all of the evening as Gary backed it up twice to different places in case one didn’t work! I think I had got the message through that I would not be happy with him and wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I lost my photos, they are so very precious to me, I have over 1000 on my phone!

Job finally done, all photos and other things now put back onto my phone thankfully. Didn’t lose a thing πŸ˜€ Now to wait and see if all that has worked …

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