Different doctor


Monday 10th August

Clinic day.

Robyn’s day off so she had the job of taking me. Poor thing! I kind of dread my clinic days now. I never used to mind going before but since my recent stay there I don’t like it at all, I think it’s because I’m worried they are going to tell me I need to stay in. And I’m also getting worse when they take my blood.  I know I need to stop all these worries now 😱

I saw another different doctor. I find it quite difficult when this happens as they don’t get to know you and they all work in different ways and have different opinions on what they need to do. And I miss my surgeons :/

Anyway I was doing reasonably well but still not 100% yet. I still get an unsettled tummy and need to get to the loo quickly. He said there is a whole list of things that could cause this but it may still be because of the very strong antibiotics they gave me during my recent hospital stay. He didn’t really want to do anything about it at the minute, just wanted to give it more of a chance to settle on its own. I hope it is that reason. Even though I am very fed up of being like this.

He is also going to arrange for me to have an ultrasound scan on my next visit to see if the fluid I had (also during my recent hospital stay) has now gone.

I thought I had an appointment to see the dietician too but they didn’t have a record of it on their computer, so I got away with it this time!!

We left for home and as it was nice, stopped on the way back for a cup of tea. We sat outside at a farm shop. Much nicer than a hospital visit.

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