Busy Leah


Wednesday 2nd to Thursday 3rd September

Back to being home alone again after the last few days. What was I going to do? Catch up with some washing that’s for sure. And other boring housework jobs. I even cooked a meal on Wednesday evening and ALL three of us had the same food at the same time! Most unheard of in our house because Robyn and Leah finish work at different times.

Leah did make me laugh with tales of her day at work. They were a bit short staffed through illness, so she was needed in three places! She was running between rooms, ‘Leah can you do this’ ‘Yes just one minute’ ‘Leah I’m the new dentist’ ‘Hello, nice to meet you, I’ve got to go’ as she was halfway out the door and as she trotted off to another room. ‘Leah can you come to reception?’ ‘I’m just coming’ Up and down, up and down, two flights of stairs. Sounds like a very busy day 🏃

Thursday a repeat of Wednesday really :/

Quiet days. My cold started at this time too and I wasn’t feeling 100%. My whole body was aching, I think even more than normal. I carried on with my jobs but did keep sitting down, then getting back up and starting again.

I get very frustrated when I can’t do all the things I want to do.

I went for my weekly walk! 👣 For an hour and twenty minutes this time. And blimey I suffered when I got home. Probably because I wasn’t feeling that great anyway. My legs and especially my feet were very painful. 

My legs and my feet hurt when I first get out of bed in the morning too. What is this? Old age? 😦

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