My day out


Thursday 17th September

I was looking forward to my day out today. The British Liver Trust are holding ‘Love your Liver’ events around the country and today they were in Oxford so as it wasn’t too far away from me, I had made my mind up to go and see what went on. I was going to have a day out on my own.

I walked into town and caught the bus. I decided to sit right at the front on the top deck so I could have a good nosey about while on the way πŸ‘€While I was on the bus the British Liver Trust tweeted to remind people about the clinic today so I replied saying I was ‘on my way’ and they replied to me saying ‘please come and say hello’. How exciting! It was a sunny day and the sun was streaming through the big windows. It was SO hot on the bus and there was no escape πŸ˜› I was glad when we arrived and I could get some fresh air and cool down.

I found the place quite easily. There were some ladies stood by the door welcoming people, I was talking to one of them and then she asked if I wanted my liver scanned! so I thought I should explain what had happened to me and then I told her about the tweets and she said she would introduce me to the Chief Executive Andrew. I said that would be nice as I had already spoken to him on the phone. He was the man that rang and asked me if I would like to do the interview on Radio 5 a few weeks ago. So we sat and I had quite a chat with him. I then saw Dr Collier, who was the doctor that looked after me when I was in the JR in Oxford having my drains last year, and she was also the one that told me that she thought it was time for transplant and she contacted Birmingham again which started the ball rolling :/ She told me I looked really well. I did say to her that maybe I could have my liver scanned as I did want to join in but she said ‘no, you don’t need to have that done, I’m sure your liver is fine’ πŸ˜’ Oh well, I did try! She also asked me how I was mentally (she obviously knows what a big part this plays and said that she knows of people that have been living with their transplant quite happily for a couple of years, then it suddenly sinks in what has happened to them!) and that she would be happy to have my care transferred to her in Oxford when they will let me, to save all the Birmingham visits. Trouble is my Banbury consultant wants to do that for me too! I had a chat with a couple of other people too, none of them could believe how well I was looking 😊 It was nice to chat with some other people who were interested in what I had been through. They were all so very friendly.

The aim of the clinics is to raise awareness of liver disease really and that it is very important to keep your liver healthy. There were lots of different people to talk to, people from the Liver Trust and the medical profession, you could go on the computer to do the online screener and maybe have the Fibroscan they were offering (this is similar to an ultrasound, it measures the stiffness of the liver through sound waves). Then from the results you could be told that your liver is in good condition or be advised to go and see your doctor. It’s a real good idea to get things checked out, the earlier the better.

YOU can do the online screener if you would like. Go to then click on Love your Liver Health Screener. Good luck! πŸ˜€

They seemed to be busy anyway, I think they had a successful day. I was very glad that I had paid them all a visit to see what went on.

I decided then to take myself for a Costa coffee and a bit of a blog. I was also tempted by a mozzarella, sun dried tomato and pesto panini πŸ˜‹

Time for a walk around the shops. And guess what I bought this time. Yes, another bag! Grey this time with tassels. Hope they all like it back at home :/

I was a bit early for the bus home, so I found myself a doorway near the bus stop and I sat and did a bit more blogging!! Loved it.

When I got home it wasn’t long before it was time for my weekly walk!! The fair had just come to Chippy for a few days so we added a walk through the fair to our walk around the town this evening πŸ‘£ 

My poor feet 😦  Nice day though πŸ™‚

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