Fun House


Tuesday 15th to Wednesday 16th September

On Tuesday I couldn’t really get myself up and motivated to do things and even when I did, I didn’t seem to have much concentration. I think my visit to the hospital yesterday was still playing on my mind. Eventually I just did a bit of pottering around :/

As I was feeling a bit fed up of being at home on my own I text my sister Julie to see if she wanted to meet for a cuppa in Cafe Nero when she had finished work. She replied saying she couldn’t because she would be getting in the bath as she was going out to a local fair later with Hannah. Witney Feast ðŸŽĒ

So I decided that I would join them, and then we all persuaded Robyn to come too. I tried to get Leah to come but she wouldn’t ðŸ˜Ķ Some of the rides at these fairs are quite scary looking aren’t they?! And sometimes just sitting on any old blocks of wood! I don’t like the look of them :/ Robyn loves to go on all of them. She did persuade me to go in this Fun House with her though 😃


Then as we were walking back to the car we decided to call in to the church where they were serving drinks and a band was playing. So we had a cup of tea with the vicar.


Their all having great fun aren’t they?! 😂😂😂

On Wednesday I just did a bit more pottering about I think. Not a very exciting day.

Don’t forget to have a look on my Photos page if you would like to see the latest photos I have uploaded of our trip to Brighton 📷

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