Going to the pub


Friday 18th to Sunday 20th September

After my day out yesterday I had some jobs to do about the house so I think that’s what I spent Friday doing. Then in the evening I walked through the fair with Gary this time. We called in to the pub to have a drink before going home. As the Rugby World Cup is going on at the minute they have it playing on the TVs in there. I had a great time watching the blokes lined up along the bar and glued to the screen, shouting at the ref, so involved in the game that they seemed to be oblivious of everything else that was going on. Then also watching everyone coming in and out, some with the teddies they had won from the fair! Fun evening.

On Saturday we had a wander around Charlbury Street Fair. They have a few kids fair rides but also one of the roads gets closed and they have stalls there with people selling their homemade crafts, charity tombolas etc and different foods. Classic cars to look around and a fire engine. All that kind of stuff. The organisers were lucky as it was a lovely day. We saw Gary’s mum and dad so had a quick chat with them and then had a drink in the pub there. 

In the evening Gary decided he wanted to cook a curry! Very very tasty 😋

Sunday was Chippy Jazz day. Different bands play in different places around the town. Mainly in the pubs. Normally we would go and watch quite a few of these bands but Gary didn’t seem that interested in going until later so I went to see my sister Julie and Hannah (and Robyn, who was at their house too). They were playing a board game when I got there, called The London Game. This game has been in our family for years, it’s based on the London Underground, my mum used to love playing it. Hannah had some chocolates on the go too. It was a proper Sunday afternoon like we used to have years ago, before everything changed 😦 Miss you terribly mum 💔

Later me and Gary went to watch one of the jazz bands that were playing in the Blue Boar. They weren’t my cup of tea so I didn’t really listen to them in the end. So I sat and had a chat with some other people that were in the pub instead!

All these pubs I seem to be going into lately! Just to let you know my drinks are ALWAYS still non alcoholic. Don’t worry I’m not abusing my new liver already. I normally just have tonic water. I just like to get out and about and see people when I get the chance.

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