Meal out


Monday 21st to Tuesday 22nd September

Julie and Hannah are both on holiday from work this week. So on Monday, after Robyn had been to the gym 💪 and then on to yoga (is she mad :/ ) we went to meet them in Cafe Nero. Then we popped into Co-op to get a bit of shopping. I saw a few of my colleagues and told them I would be back to work soon. I am looking forward to it now but I do wonder if it will still be the same as the shop has been rebuilt since I’ve been away and has doubled in size I would say. There’s now loads more staff obviously. Somehow I don’t think it will still be the same atmosphere to work in, but I’ll give it a go and see what happens! After the shopping was done me and Robyn went back with Julie and Hannah and had a cup of tea with them. A ‘spending time with the family’ day!!

Tuesday was just spent at home. In the evening I went out with some of the girls from work and some others that are not from Co-op, for a meal. When I was working the same group of us used to go out for each other’s birthdays. Obviously I have now missed quite a few of these through being unwell and not really seeing the girls, so when I saw Violet in the shop yesterday she said they were actually going out tonight and did I want to join them? Good for my confidence building as I’m going to be working with some of them again soon. A funny evening.

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