Feeling ill :(


Thursday 31st December

I had no special plans for New Years Eve this year 😧

So in the morning I went off to look around Hobbycraft with Hannah, Julie and Robyn (Robyn had a gift card from there for Christmas which she wanted to spend). I didn’t feel very well while doing this 😦 I tried to make a half hearted attempt but I kept finding little odd places round the shop to sit and wait for them all! Then on the way back we stopped off briefly in Woodstock for a drink. A nice hot chocolate. Haven’t had one of those for a long time!

I spent the rest of the day doing nothing again really. The girls were getting ready for their night’s out so I was just led around saying ‘yes that looks nice’ ‘no I think those boots look better’ ‘how are you getting home’ every now and again.

I went back to Gary’s for the evening, plonked myself on the sofa and that’s where I stayed. Feeling terrible. Very blocked nose, bad cough. My head hurt so much, my face hurt, my teeth hurt, my ears hurt, my eyes hurt, everything. I was just in a bit of a daze staring at the tv but really not paying too much attention to it. I just wanted to go to bed really but I was determined to stay awake. I wasn’t very good company I know but what else could I do? 😷

And then it was 2016 …

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