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Heavy 👃 bleed


Tuesday 5th to Thursday 7th January

Work this morning. It was tough going at first, I still didn’t feel 100%, but it was okay as the morning went on. I was very tired when I had finished though. 

Later in the afternoon I got a text from Robyn telling me not to worry but she was at the doctors with an extremely heavy nosebleed. So I rang her and she said it had just started while she was at work and someone had given her a lift up there. She has been suffering with nosebleeds an awful lot lately and has been to see a doctor about it who gave her some cream to put up there as they thought she might have an infection. But this one was SO heavy it needed to be checked out. She said she was just sat waiting to see a doctor and I didn’t need to go up there. Then a few minutes later she text again saying it wasn’t stopping and perhaps I should try to get up there as she might have to go to hospital. Hmmm. Not easy as I’m still without a car at the minute. So I rang Leah’s work but she was nursing today so couldn’t leave. I rang Hannah’s phone, she didn’t answer. I rang Julie’s phone and was just about to hang up and ring a taxi, when she answered. So they picked me up and gave me a lift. But by the time we got there, Robyn had seen the doctor, the nosebleed had finally stopped and she was ready to leave!! Panic over!!

She is now being referred to a hospital in Oxford where I hope they will finally sort this out for her. She shouldn’t have to be putting up with a nosebleed nearly every day surely? :/

I was very tired Wednesday morning. I slept in for a bit longer than I usually would! I had a lot of jobs to be getting on with though. This was my first whole day at home on my own since Christmas and New Year. The first thing I did was to get all the ingredients ready for our slow cooker. I was making us all a beef and tomato casserole today 🍲 It seemed to turn out quite successfully. Many other jobs followed.

Thursday and another bit of a lie in. I think from being ill for over a week, then working and then a day full of housework yesterday, had really tired me out. I wasn’t very happy today either. I had got the impression that I wasn’t doing very well, that I should be doing more than I am, and it really upset me. I just fiddled about at home, not really being able to concentrate on too much. A bad day ☚ī¸

Thank goodness the walk was on this evening. It was good to get out for a bit. I needed to give myself a break.

Peru?!! 😀


Monday 4th January

Leah’s first day back at work since Christmas. She had been lucky this year and had managed to have the whole of Christmas and New Year off. I think she has had fun times by the look of one of her photos.


I haven’t seen a great deal of her đŸ˜Ļ as she has been staying out very late with Jack at their friend’s house in Banbury while the mum and dad has been away!! so then sleeping in very late in the mornings. I do know that she still managed to lose 4lb over the Christmas week on her diet though. Very good going I think 😀
Robyn had her normal day off today so this morning she was hard at it in the gym 🏋 !! followed by a yoga session.

I was still feeling a bit rough this morning and was now feeling a little dizzy and wobbly while I was going about doing my jobs. So I decided again that I would try and see a doctor as I had to go back to work in the morning. After eventually getting through to the doctors’ surgery, then having to wait for the doctor to ring me back to talk to me, I finally got an appointment for later in the afternoon.

As I had withdrawal symptoms from not visiting Caffe Nero since Christmas, I managed to get Robyn to pay a visit there with me until it was time to see the doc! I couldn’t get to see my normal GP today. I saw a lady doctor who I have never seen before. I always am a bit dubious about that as they don’t really know you as a person and I think that makes a big difference to the way your treated and diagnosed. Anyway my chest was clear so that was a good thing. I had sinusitis though (which I had already diagnosed myself!) She gave me a prescription for antibiotics but told me not to get them straight away. To do steam inhalation first and try and clear it that way!

I bought Robyn a soup maker for Christmas and this evening was her first attempt at using it. She made a really nice soup actually 😋 


It was just like minestrone. I can’t wait for her next invention!

Just thought I’d let you know that it was a year ago today I wrote my very first blog post. It was a Sunday and I was waiting to see if I was going to be admitted into the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham later that day for my transplant assessment week.

I WAS admitted that day. And we all now know what happened next 😆

I really do now wish that I had started my blog much much earlier, so that I could have spoken about my illness through the years I have had it, but especially the last couple of years, when it really started to take its hold on me. It’s weird how quickly I have forgotton the things I used to go through. The terrible cramps I used to get in my fingers and hands when I tried to do things, they would just lock and be so painful. My hands still ache now when I use them a lot but nothing at all like that any more 😀 The terrible pain I used to get when I was filled with extra fluid and the only relief for me was to lie flat, not very practical or at all easy to do when you have to sit at a supermarket checkout and try to serve and be nice to your customers. I still suffer with back pain at times but nothing at all like that any more 😀  My craving for sour fizzy sweets (now gone and my need for chocolate has returned!) my brain fog (my family and Gary would probably say I still have this as I know I still drive them all mad :/ ) and the EXTREME tiredness (which you can’t even begin to explain to anyone). And that is just a few of the ways that this terrible PBC can affect you.

Anyway, as I have now been blogging for a year I thought I would share some of my blog stats with you.

I have had over 15,000 hits. It would take about 6 sold out performances in the concert hall of the Sydney Opera House for that many people to see it.

I have uploaded over 194 photos.

My blog has been viewed in 28 countries. The top ten, after the UK are, United States, Ireland, Canada, France, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Iceland and New Zealand. Other countries include Singapore, South Africa, Brazil and Hong Kong. The country that I find the most amazing is Peru. Crazily I just can’t picture it!! I think this might come from my obsession with Paddington Bear when I was a child as he came from ‘deepest darkest Peru’. A place I imagined as full of trees 🌲đŸŒŗ🌴 certainly no computers!!! So a special big hello to my readers there 😀

The busiest day of the year for my blog was 4th June and the day when I seemed to write the most posts throughout the year was a Wednesday.

I really don’t know how this compares to other people’s blogs. I expect a whole lot of people are doing much much better than me. Now I’ve got the bug I want to be one of those people. But we’ll see …

Thank you for reading everyone. I hope I can make 2016 just as successful đŸ“ļ



Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd January

I was due to go to work again this morning but there was no way I could go. I couldn’t sit on a till feeling like this. I wouldn’t be any use to anybody. I started back at work in November and I’m off sick in December, I wasn’t very pleased with myself đŸ˜Ļ

I think I got out of bed around 12.30pm and later went back to my house, where Robyn was fiddling about in her bedroom so I then went and spent the afternoon and early evening in her bed, resting and chatting!!

When I sat and thought about it I was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t had a very exciting New Year but never mind, I hope there will always be next year!!!

On Saturday I gave in to family pressure and decided to try and see a doctor, but the surgery was closed and I really couldn’t be bothered to go through all the performance of ringing the Out of Hours service, telling someone on the end of the phone the problem, then waiting for a doctor to call me back to have to tell them the same thing all over again, and then to be told to go to the clinic at the Horton hospital and wait for a doctor to become free to check me over :/ I’ve done it so many times before in the past. So I then just rang one of the liver co-ordinators at the QE hospital to be told to just take paracetamol and if I was worried to go to my GP!!! Complete waste of time as I knew it would be.

I just forgot about it all and went over to Gary’s mum and dad’s in Charlbury and had a cup of tea with them instead!!

In the evening I was sat in a bit of a trance, fiddling about with my iPad when I felt like it every now and again. Gary was in the kitchen. I just thought he was experimenting and making some kind of bruschetta like things as he had been talking about different breads earlier. But then he suddenly came out with this.


A lovely roast dinner. Real nice it was too! I was a bit shocked, not at all what I had been expecting 🙃

Sunday we went to Oxford. The last day of Gary’s Christmas holiday. It was quite nice to just be able to wander about and not be worrying that you still haven’t got someone’s Christmas present or you must just quickly go to this shop to see if they have something in a certain size! It was a bit of a dreary day weather wise but good to be out getting a bit of fresh air. 

Back to normal life again for everyone tomorrow :/

Feeling ill :(


Thursday 31st December

I had no special plans for New Years Eve this year 😧

So in the morning I went off to look around Hobbycraft with Hannah, Julie and Robyn (Robyn had a gift card from there for Christmas which she wanted to spend). I didn’t feel very well while doing this đŸ˜Ļ I tried to make a half hearted attempt but I kept finding little odd places round the shop to sit and wait for them all! Then on the way back we stopped off briefly in Woodstock for a drink. A nice hot chocolate. Haven’t had one of those for a long time!

I spent the rest of the day doing nothing again really. The girls were getting ready for their night’s out so I was just led around saying ‘yes that looks nice’ ‘no I think those boots look better’ ‘how are you getting home’ every now and again.

I went back to Gary’s for the evening, plonked myself on the sofa and that’s where I stayed. Feeling terrible. Very blocked nose, bad cough. My head hurt so much, my face hurt, my teeth hurt, my ears hurt, my eyes hurt, everything. I was just in a bit of a daze staring at the tv but really not paying too much attention to it. I just wanted to go to bed really but I was determined to stay awake. I wasn’t very good company I know but what else could I do? 😷

And then it was 2016 …

Congestion! 👃


Sunday 27th to Wednesday 30th December

It was today, Sunday, that my cough started to turn into a cold (my third so far I think :/ )    I went into Banbury with Gary just to get out for a bit really, as I didn’t need anything or was in the right frame of mind or even felt like, doing any shopping!

By Monday my cough was really quite bad, sounding very chesty :/ my nose was constantly streaming uncontrollably, so much congestion!! I managed to be able to get my bins ready and put out for collection, but that was about it. The rest of the time I spent mainly just led on the sofa trying to sort out my phone. It just keeps restarting itself.  I have so many photographs that are taking up most of the memory on my phone, so I got to sort a few of those while I was just led there. Let’s see if that helps :/

Tuesday I got up and went to work but my body was aching and I was feeling pretty terrible, a couple of people said to me that I didn’t look very well and that I should go straight home. But I was going to give it a try as I had made the effort to go there. I lasted for an hour and a half and then I gave in and left.

On Wednesday I did just about manage to walk around Banbury as I needed to take back a few extra things that I had bought before Christmas and which I didn’t need any more. That’s all it was though, to those few certain shops and then finished!

At all other times during the rest of these days after Christmas I haven’t really been doing any jobs at home or anything, I’ve just been led about not feeling very good at all. Still a very loud chesty sounding cough and now, a very blocked nose.

While it’s still December I must show you the article that was printed in our town newspaper, The Chipping Norton News, this month.

By the way, have a little look at the new photos I have just downloaded on my Photo’s page entitled ‘Christmas’ 😃

The hunt


Saturday 26th December

Boxing Day. My memories of Boxing Day as a young teenager were fun. My dad’s family used to all come over to our house, so that meant my aunties, uncles and cousins. And there were lots of them! My cousins were all older than me, my brothers and sisters age’s, and some of them already had their own children. What used to happen mainly was that the little ones and babies were left at our house with my mum and the aunties, so they could play together and have a good gossip respectively, and all the others would go off down the town to watch the local hunt go off and then went into the different pubs in the town for a drink. And then another drink, and then another and another. Later, various different groups of people staggered back at different times throughout the afternoon (in different stages of drunkenness!!), where my mum had mash potato, cold meats and pickle waiting and her famous homemade cheese and onion pies (and sometimes her homemade wines used to come out for tasting!) Trifle and Christmas cake was always on the table too. My dad and brothers were quite often the last ones to return. And often turned up with someone they had been chatting to in the pub and had just invited them back! My mum never bothered, anyone was always welcome to come in and have some food and join in the party. The house used to be full. Everyone just used to stand or sit around (if you were lucky enough to grab a chair), chatting, eating, drinking, messing about, playing games, sometimes even dancing. I can still remember my dad going into the kitchen and getting my mum and waltzing around the living room with her, then a couple of others joining in.

This went on for many years. Fun times. Then gradually, I think mainly as everyone got older and it was harder to do, some suffered ill health and the younger ones had more of their own families or other people to go and visit, it stopped.


So now it’s just mainly me and my kids and my brother George and his kids and their kids! that still go down to watch the hunt and then go into a pub in the town after. But now we all have our lunch together in the pub too. 

This year most of the others seemed to go home quite early though. So me, Robyn, Leah and Jack also went home. Then Leah and Jack went off to their friends’ house in Banbury and Robyn went back out to the pub with her friends, and I was home alone đŸ˜Ļ 

How times change.

Cheers 🍷


Friday 25th December

Christmas Day. An early start to the day with lots of presents being opened.

We were going along to my sister Julie’s house for Christmas dinner and my other sister Lynda and her husband John were coming over too.

I had asked my consultant at my last clinic appointment if I was allowed to have any alcohol yet and he said yes I was, as long as it wasn’t loads. So I then decided I would have my first drink in over a year with my Christmas Day dinner.

It did taste nice. Cheers everyone. Happy Christmas.

More present giving and silliness. My sister had given us all secret challenges to do at some point throughout the day, so everyone was trying to get theirs done. For example mine was to try and get two people to say the word ‘perfect’. It was quite hard to do actually and I kept laughing so they all knew I was up to something! Robyn’s was to get someone to pinch something off the Christmas tree, so of course she picked me to do that!

Robyn had done the pudding again this year. It is becoming a tradition now. We had already had to tell her our favourite fruit and chocolate. So she had bought us all these separately, along with posh ice creams, yogurts, meringues, little sweet decorations and cream, so we could make our own individual puddings! I think this idea came about because of the diet Leah, Julie and Hannah are on, so they could be as syn full or as syn free as they wanted them to be, then the rest of us could just tuck in anyway. A good idea 😋

Robyn had also brought us all the best present too!  She has the best ideas. She is an angel đŸ‘ŧ

A game of cards! A sandwich! Normal Christmas Day stuff! Then back home.

I think we were all lucky enough to have received lots of really nice presents #spoilt 

Never the same now important people are missing. But a nice Christmas Day.