Egg shells


Saturday 30th January to Monday 1st February

So my mini got another trip out to Banbury today. I was going to collect my phone, back from the menders! I also bought myself some new jeans, I’m fed up of all of the ones I’ve got that just keep falling down all the time :/ 

And I bought Robyn and Leah a tee shirt each, just because. Just a few days ago I had already bought Leah some special balsamic vinegar and Robyn some ‘new flavour’ Heinz soup! Their certainly spoilt having me as a mum 😝

I was quite surprised when I opened my food rubbish bin to this!


I guess this means Leah has been cooking again = lots of extra washing up for me 😏

 Later in the evening Gary made a risotto for me. It was nice, but I did miss my curry :/ Sorry.

On Sunday morning Gary reloaded my phone from the back up on his laptop. I was a tiny bit excited that I would now have a normal working phone again like everyone else.

A bit later after I had gone back home for a while Leah said to me ‘what’s your phone doing?’ I couldn’t believe it. It was restarting itself 😖 I don’t know what they had done while they had it for the week, but whatever it was they hadn’t fixed the problem. Now I still had more horrible phone calls to make to try and sort it all out again. SO annoying.

Robyn was doing Leah’s hair for her this afternoon. I had to get in on the act :/

She was having lots of different shades of blonde highlights put in again and then a trim. Leah has masses of hair! so it’s quite a big lengthy job. Even when she was very young she always had lots of hair. Lovely to look at and do things with, but a bit of a nightmare for me to comb sometimes if she wasn’t in the mood for sitting still!!!

Leah’s payment for this was to wash up the saucepans that Robyn had used to cook her dinner 😂

Monday was a bit of a waste of a day really. I couldn’t concentrate and couldn’t seem to get stuck into any of the many jobs that I needed to do. I was quite frustrated and cross with myself. Do you ever get days like that?

So in the afternoon I went with Robyn to Caffe Nero and had a mug of tea and a berry muffin (which was actually really fresh and tasty 😋) and I sat and did a bit of blogging! Always a good bit of stress relief for me.

A bit of food shopping and then home to get myself ready for my special treat day tomorrow 😀

Oh and I was taxi driver for Gary to his Riverside meeting in Charlbury 🚗

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