Fish and chips


Thursday 28th to Friday 29th January

My alarm went off at 4am. Yes 4am!!

I was going up north today!

It was for a sad occasion, Gary’s cousin’s cremation. But afterwards I thought I might get a chance to have a little look around. 

Gary had offered to take his mum and dad as its a long long drive. So we were also going to call in to see Gary’s dad’s sister and brothers while we were up there. I got a nice bit of chocolate cake while there!! It was nice to sit and listen to them chatting and remembering things from the past. I really miss those kind of things now with my mum and dad and their families 😦

Then we had a drive around the places where they used to live when they were younger. I have already posted the pictures of their actual houses in an earlier post.


On the way back we stopped at a services to get some dinner 🍽 A nice pot of Yorkshire Tea with Harry Ramsden’s fish and chips. They were so nice, I really enjoyed mine.


I didn’t quite get back in time for my walk this evening 😦 Back to it next week.
Considering I had been up since 4am I wasn’t feeling completely exhausted like I thought maybe I would have done, I thought I did pretty well.

I thought it might catch up with me and I might struggle to get up for work Friday morning, but I was okay. And work was fine. An afternoon of tidying the kitchen among other things and waiting for Robyn to finish work, she was making my dinner for me tonight 😋

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