Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th January

She turned up! Good job as I had got up very early to be ready for 7 😏 

A trip to the Churchill Hospital in Oxford today. She’s getting as bad as me with all these hospital appointments!! 

Robyn has Polycystic Kidney Disease. This is where cysts develop and grow in both kidneys.  It usually doesn’t normally start to affect people until around middle age. This is a hereditary disease which she has got from her dad. He has already had a kidney transplant as a result of that!! We don’t seem to be very healthy in our family do we?

We had left early this morning because of the terrible traffic in Oxford. I decided it was quite worth it as I got to see this.


I had heard over the weekend that my hospital friend Marina had become very ill and had been admitted to Critical Care. I was extremely upset to hear this news and I have been thinking about her. She helped me such a lot in many different ways during my stay on the liver ward. I remember thinking to myself as we were driving along, poor Marina’s not waking up to this view this morning like I am lucky enough to be doing. It’s just not fair. Appreciate the simple things everyone.

As we were early I got tea and a croissant from the hospital cafe and Robyn had brought her cereal and yogurt with her!!

It was just Robyn’s yearly check up appointment so we weren’t in there for too long. It’s just a chat to see how things are going really at this stage. And then her bloods were taken.

When we got back Robyn swanned off to the gym, swimming with her friend and then yoga! and I was left to attack the mountains of washing and the task of trying to hoover up Jake’s dog hairs :/ among other things.

You could say I had a busy afternoon.

I did struggle a little on Tuesday morning at work. I have been feeling a lot better since my sinusitis and shingles have gone, but I have been having busy times. I started my extra hours at work last week. And I had an early start yesterday morning followed by a busy physical afternoon yesterday with all the housework. So I think I was mainly just very very tired. I finished my shift though.

Last week of my liver transplant course this week. Think I spent some of the afternoon finding out a few more interesting things. I am really enjoying it, if even just tiny bits of it actually stick in my head I will be happy πŸ€—

On Wednesday morning I was back to work again. The afternoon I spent just doing all kinds of things at home.

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