Camping out


Thursday 25th to Friday 26th February

A day of jobs and banana cake making!

In the evening instead of going for our normal walk this week we were going out for a meal as it had been my birthday šŸ™‚ So Kate, Sue, Doreen (and her sister Sandra joined us too) and me went off to a local pub. I had the vegetarian chilli and the others had steak. All of us had really good food, it was nice.

It was around this time last year that Robyn, Leah, Gary, Julie and Hannah spent most of their time camping out at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, while anxiously waiting to see if a new liver was going to be found for me.

I know it was a terrible tough time for them all but in a very weird way it seems like they had a bit of a jolly time too :/ This is how they all kept each other going I imagine. I’m a bit sad I missed out on it all really, but I was busy ‘sleeping’ in another part of the hospital šŸ™ƒ

Their days started very early with trips to the coffee vending machine then off to the restaurant when it opened in time for the cooked breakfast for some. Leah always had coffee (which she didn’t like!) and cake at some point. Robyn had her own food always ready prepared and her bottles full of water. They always sat on the same group of chairs in the same spot by the window and some did colouring and puzzle books to fill in their time until the next meal! and taking it in turns to visit me, as only 2 were allowed at a time. And then different members of my family also came up to see me from time to time and I think they also ended up back in the restaurant catching up with all the others.

Oh dear, strange difficult times. And all for me šŸ˜ I am very lucky I know and I am extremely grateful for all that they did and glad that they were all together to support each other.

It’s weird when I look back, but I don’t think I had really seriously given anything a thought about what would happen after the operation and if things went wrong. Maybe that was a good thing in my case. I think my family coped with it in just the way I would have expected them to. Brilliantly.

And now, this Friday was a busy day. 

I went off to work as normal. It was non stop. Everyone must have been very hungry buying all that food. And apparently I served an actor off the TV who was in shopping with his mum, but I had no idea!! My colleague Geordie came over after he had gone and told me. He used to be in Casualty or Holby City he said!

Then when I got back in the afternoon I had to fit some more cake making in alongside my normal Friday afternoon jobs! When Leah got in from work she started to make one of her famous Slimming World cakes too, so it was quite chaotic in the kitchen (just so you know! all this cake making is in preparation for our charity day tomorrow). Of course that meant there was mountains of washing up to be done.

Later there was also all the tasks of making sure we had everything we needed for tomorrow and getting it altogether with Robyn, loading the boxes ready to be put in the car in the morning etc etc. Oh and getting Jack to blow up all the balloons šŸŽˆšŸŽˆšŸŽˆ

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