Dunbar’s Daring Donor Deed


Saturday 27th February

A day for celebrating. 

I was extremely lucky enough to be found a second donor liver a year ago today, which has let me have some great times with my family again.

So as it was my first year anniversary it meant that it was time for Robyn to complete her challenge today. After my transplants Robyn had decided that she wanted to raise awareness of organ donation and try and inspire as many people as she could to sign up to become an organ donor. So she set herself some challenges and depending how many people she got determined which challenge she had to do. Click on http://bit.ly/DunbarsDonors where you can see the list of challenges and it also shows you there what she has been doing during the year.

Robyn got 48 extra people signed up to donate their organs. How great is that? 😀 So this meant she had to play on her boyfriend Tom’s drums in front of an audience today. We had also decided that we would make a bit of an afternoon of it and have another stall and do some more fund raising at the same time while we had the opportunity. And this was all going to take place at the bottom of the supermarket where I work.

We had asked people to make cakes for us to sell and we had a couple of other small games for people to do. We also did guess the name of the chick with the prize being the cuddly chick AND a big Thorntons Easter egg (this competition is still running until Easter!)

At 3.30 it was time for Robyn’s challenge to take place. We had quite a crowd gathered to watch. Poor Robyn, she was scared 😱 Doing something with lots of people watching is not what she enjoys, and having to do something that you’ve never done before makes it all the more difficult :/


But she did so well 👏

Later it was a quick trip home to get ready for the evening. We were going out for a family meal to Frankie & Benny’s in Witney. There were 22 of us so it was a bit chaotic with that many people but I think everyone had nice food and a good time. Robyn had also organised with my niece that she would make a cake for me too.

Good isn’t it?
A fun and successful day and evening to celebrate my first year with my donor liver 😀

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