Tia and Freya


Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st March

Tuesday was just time spent working.

You’re doing a good job Click on this and have a read of this article. I can remember that I used to find the times after my various doctor and consultant appointments quite tough. Near the beginning of my illness it used to bring it all back into my head even more that I wasn’t the same as everyone else, I had an illness that was going to get worse and would probably lead to a transplant. But then I would go back to work, get on with normal day to day life and put it to the back of my mind at times, waiting until the next appointment or test, when it would all come flooding back again. Then as the illness progresses, the medication gets more and more, work gets harder to cope with, some days you feel very ill but you try to get on and be as normal as you can. Some days are so hard to get through. So this is a message especially for any of you reading this that are suffering yourselves with a difficult illness, and whatever you may be doing to try and get through it, don’t be so hard on yourselves, you ARE doing a good job.

On Wednesday morning I went off to work. I was looking forward to some little visitors coming this evening, my niece Claire’s two little girls Tia and Freya. They were coming for a sleepover with Robyn as she had a few days off work and they were on school holidays.

Almost as soon as they arrived they wanted to take our dog Jake out for a walk. Jake is very old now and suffers a bit with his legs so can’t walk very far. But as it was a nice evening we decided to just take him for a little walk around the block. He made it just fine and it kept the girls happy too!!

We also walked along to the shop to buy them some sweets and called in to see Julie and Hannah briefly on our way back. Robyn’s plan then was to take them up to her bed where they were all going to be sleeping, put a dvd on and she thought they would soon fall asleep. I think they had other ideas though. Tia wasn’t too bad apparently but the little one Freya seemed to be quite happy having a good old chatter for quite a long while 😬

Then they were still all awake early so Robyn got herself up and got the breakfast ready, which was pancakes with lemon and sugar! which she took back upstairs to them, so Tia and Freya were even lucky enough to get breakfast in bed!!

Thursday was forecast to be a reasonably nice day so we decided to take Tia and Freya to Millets Farm Centre where there is a nice farm shop, restaurant, garden centre, craft shop, farm animals, play area etc. Probably because it was the Easter holidays I think, they also had a carousel and some trampolines which they had a go on and we also did a Easter hunt so that Tia and Freya could get a free bun from the Easter bunny’s hut and do a craft activity at the end. We took a mini picnic with us too. We had a nice time.

Freya wasn’t too pleased when her mum turned up at the end of the day to collect them, she wanted to stay with Robyn again. But poor Robyn was exhausted when they left πŸ˜‚

So during this whole month I have been wondering to myself what March normally looks like! As the whole of March 2015 was spent in my different hospital beds :/ We have had some nice days of sunshine. I can remember one day especially being nice too while I was in critical care as they turned the bed round for me so I could see out the window. Because of my ‘crazy times’ I saw different things to what were really out there though! I thought the people I could see walking about had been out shopping and were returning to their cars in a multi storey car park. It was in fact the Birmingham Women’s hospital just opposite the QE. I also saw a massive black hammer on the top of the ‘car park’, which I thought was something to do with Gary’s work (he’s a tool salesman!), but it was just part of the building. I think looking out did upset me that day though as I can remember shouting to the kids ‘take me home, I want to go home’ over and over and that the nurse that was looking after me came over and said ‘hey what’s going on, we’ve had a nice day today’. She was one of the chatty nurses and I can remember her talking to me all the time. I think she was the one that told me she had actually been to stay on the campsite just outside Chippy where I live. I can remember her so clearly. In my mind she had slightly frizzy gingery coloured hair all tied back. I also thought she was the mother of someone that lives in our town! I would love to see her again. There was also another nurse working alongside her and they were stood talking about what she had done and things, I think she had worked elsewhere and was new to the QE, and I can remember her saying to me ‘don’t worry I am qualified’. Oh dear, what fun times I had 😣

This March, as well as working and all the normal day to day jobs, I have been able to get out and about. I’ve been on a few nice walks, I’ve been to a spa, I’ve visited the theatre and I’ve almost been to a football match! A bit of a difference πŸ€—

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