Thursday 28th to Friday 29th April

Today was a trip out – but to the Churchill Hospital in Oxford. It was for my appointment to get my mole checked. I arrived in plenty of time, so I went to the cafe there, got myself a coffee and a croissant, and I sat and people watched 👀 and did a bit of blogging too!

It was soon time for me to try and find the correct department I needed to go to. I found it easy enough but it was right over the other side of the hospital to where I was!

I saw a junior doctor who then went to get his senior doctor so they both had a look at my mole. They didn’t think it was too suspect looking but decided it would be best to have it taken out just in case. Better to be safe than sorry in this sort of case I guess. So I have to go back next week now to have the procedure 😏

The junior doctor commented on my liver transplants scar saying he liked it and thought it was very neat! 

I then told him about the little wart on my lip and that my own GP had said to ask if they could remove it. He agreed thank goodness. I told him that I was much more scared of having anything done at all now since my transplants so he explained what he was going to do. The treatment for warts is called Cryotherapy which is where they use a chemical called liquid nitrogen, which is extremely cold, to freeze and destroy the cells which in turn destroys the wart. So he put his tweezers into the liquid for a while, then took them out and squeezed them onto the wart. He did this three times. It did sting a bit but was bearable. He said the wart would turn white, then black and then eventually drop off. Great, I’m going to have to go to work tomorrow with a white patch on my face for everyone to stare at was my first thought, and also Robyn would be beside herself with laughter when I got back! 😦 

When he first opened this container all the dry ice came floating out over the sides, like some crazy experiment you see on the TV, but the photo didn’t catch it unfortunately.

By the way I did ask if I could take this photo for my blog and he asked me what it was all about. He said it was nice to meet me!!!

I eventually got back just in time for my evening walk 👣

Friday was a busy morning at work. Then someone reminded me that it was a Bank Holiday weekend coming up so that was probably why. I had completely forgotton about that!

(Just to keep you informed, nothing has happened yet on the wart front – it hasnt changed colour at all :/ )

So I’m sharing it with you! Pulls on your heart strings 💗

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