Hollow trees!


Saturday 30th April to Monday 2nd May

Bank Holiday weekend.

Gary took me shopping in Cowley on the Saturday as I still needed to get a few more bits, while I had the chance, ready for Leah’s birthday next weekend.

On the way back Gary must have been feeling a bit peckish as he asked if I wanted to get something to eat, so we had a bit of a detour home and called into a nice pub that we know. We both had a lovely piece of spit roasted chicken with chips. Simple but delicious!

While I was just sat on the sofa relaxing in the evening, watching some TV and on my iPad, I suddenly noticed there was a little spider🕷 crawling on my tummy. I jumped up very quickly and was brushing myself down hoping to get rid of it. Gary gave me a telling off asking why I had reacted like that!! scooped the spider off the floor and threw it into the garden. Sorry little spider 🕷 I didn’t want your company tonight :/ 

Sunday morning was time for a coffee and a chat with Gary’s mum and dad.

Then we settled down to watch the football with my chip (curly frie!) butty 😃

Manchester United were playing against Leicester City. It was an important match. As we are coming to the end of the football season now, if Leicester won this game it meant they would be top of the Premier League, the team in second place wouldn’t be able to catch them, and they would win the title. This would be quite an achievement, in fact one of the greatest sporting upsets ever, as in the club’s history they are not known to have won any other top-level football competitions. I quite wanted Leicester to win but Gary is a Man Utd fan :/ Luckily, for us two anyway, it ended as a draw 1-1.

After the game had ended we then went down to the Blue Boar pub in the town to watch a local band play, Chaser. We know the members of the band and have seen them many times before. We had a nice evening.

On Bank Holiday Monday we had all decided to go to the maze that is in Blenheim Palace gardens. Me and Gary, Robyn and Leah, Julie and Hannah. We discovered there was some jousting going on when we got there, so we went to have a quick look but the girls soon got bored of that! We walked back through some of the gardens then caught a little train to the maze. When we first started out today it was really quite warm and sunny, but then it turned to rain and drizzle 🌧 Typical Bank Holiday weather. It was good fun in the maze though. I didn’t have a clue where we were, but the girls seemed quite good at it.

On the way back to the car we came across lots of really old trees in the grounds, which fascinated me. Their trunks were hollow! I could actually stand up inside one of them.

When the others had all had enough, me and Gary continued into Oxford for a wander around and ended up having food, a bowl full of char sui pork noodles for me and some kind of Chinese curry for Gary, which just finished off the long weekend 😋

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