‘Flower Festival’ afternoon tea


Thursday 5th to Friday 6th May

The back of my arm was still a bit sore today and I still needed to be careful with it. I had been warned not to do too much by Robyn before she left for work.

Thank goodness I was going out this afternoon anyway or I would have been going mad and would have ended up doing things I shouldn’t! I was looking forward to my treat today, especially after my stressful day yesterday. I was going for a complimentary afternoon tea and luckily my friend Nina, who I had invited to come along with me, had agreed to drive as obviously I wasn’t allowed. We were going to the #lygonarms – a hotel in Broadway. This is where I had arranged a spa day as a Christmas present for Robyn, Leah, Julie and Hannah. After our visit to the spa earlier this year I had tweeted to thank the hotel for a great time and to say that it was really good for my recovery from two liver transplants and the hotel had then replied and said they would give me a complimentary afternoon tea. How kind is that šŸ˜Š

We had a lovely afternoon. Really quite relaxing. We were there for ages. I didn’t want to leave.

You get a variety of different teas to choose from, you can have coffee if you prefer, and you can even add champagne if you want something extra special.

And there are different afternoon teas every month. We had the May ‘Flower Festival’ tea.

The sweets were cherry and chocolate tart, vanilla panna cotta with kiwi jelly, strawberry and elderflower mascarpone mousse, rose water macaroon and asparagus cake. The sandwiches were ham and mustard, smoked salmon and cream cheese, seasoned cucumber and egg and mustard cress. Then there were fruit scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

I really do recommend that you have one of these delicious afternoon teas at The Lygon Arms if you get the chance.

From their menu I also read about the history of afternoon tea so I thought I’d share this bit of information with you too! 

“Tea consumption increased dramatically during the early nineteenth century and it is around this time that Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford is said to have complained of ‘having that sinking feeling’ during the late afternoon. At the time it was usual for people to take only two main meals a day, breakfast and dinner at around 8oclock in the evening. The solution for the Duchess was a pot of tea and a light snack, taken privately in her boudoir during the afternoon.

Later friends were invited to join her in her rooms at Woburn Abbey and this summer practice proved so popular that the Duchess continued it when she returned to London, sending cards to her friends asking them to join her for ‘tea and a walk in the fields’. Other social hostesses quickly picked up on the idea and the practice became respectable enough to move it into the drawing room. Before long all of fashionable society was sipping tea and nibbling sandwiches in the middle of the afternoon.”

Just a little bit different to how we live our lives today isn’t it? šŸ¤”

I got back to my house to find Doreen knocking at my door for our Thursday evening walk. So I rushed inside, changed my shoes and went straight back out again! It was a warm, sunny evening so we went on a lovely countryside walk.

My Fitbit tells me I had walked 6.11 miles today so I reckon the walk this evening was somewhere around 5 miles maybe. I certainly had done way over my 10,000 steps for today anyway, which has become known as the recommended amount of steps you should try to achieve in one day to help to keep yourself active.

A bit more of an enjoyable day than yesterday wasn’t it? šŸ¤”

Friday was my unexpected day at home as I wasn’t allowed to go to work. I did lots of little odd jobs as I haven’t been able to do much for the last couple of days and I knew I had a busy weekend coming up. I can’t just sit around and do nothing, it drives me mad. I was careful with my arm though and it was still sore so I couldn’t move it about too much.

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