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Hollow trees!


Saturday 30th April to Monday 2nd May

Bank Holiday weekend.

Gary took me shopping in Cowley on the Saturday as I still needed to get a few more bits, while I had the chance, ready for Leah’s birthday next weekend.

On the way back Gary must have been feeling a bit peckish as he asked if I wanted to get something to eat, so we had a bit of a detour home and called into a nice pub that we know. We both had a lovely piece of spit roasted chicken with chips. Simple but delicious!

While I was just sat on the sofa relaxing in the evening, watching some TV and on my iPad, I suddenly noticed there was a little spiderπŸ•· crawling on my tummy. I jumped up very quickly and was brushing myself down hoping to get rid of it. Gary gave me a telling off asking why I had reacted like that!! scooped the spider off the floor and threw it into the garden. Sorry little spider πŸ•· I didn’t want your company tonight :/ 

Sunday morning was time for a coffee and a chat with Gary’s mum and dad.

Then we settled down to watch the football with my chip (curly frie!) butty πŸ˜ƒ

Manchester United were playing against Leicester City. It was an important match. As we are coming to the end of the football season now, if Leicester won this game it meant they would be top of the Premier League, the team in second place wouldn’t be able to catch them, and they would win the title. This would be quite an achievement, in fact one of the greatest sporting upsets ever, as in the club’s history they are not known to have won any other top-level football competitions. I quite wanted Leicester to win but Gary is a Man Utd fan :/ Luckily, for us two anyway, it ended as a draw 1-1.

After the game had ended we then went down to the Blue Boar pub in the town to watch a local band play, Chaser. We know the members of the band and have seen them many times before. We had a nice evening.

On Bank Holiday Monday we had all decided to go to the maze that is in Blenheim Palace gardens. Me and Gary, Robyn and Leah, Julie and Hannah. We discovered there was some jousting going on when we got there, so we went to have a quick look but the girls soon got bored of that! We walked back through some of the gardens then caught a little train to the maze. When we first started out today it was really quite warm and sunny, but then it turned to rain and drizzle 🌧 Typical Bank Holiday weather. It was good fun in the maze though. I didn’t have a clue where we were, but the girls seemed quite good at it.

On the way back to the car we came across lots of really old trees in the grounds, which fascinated me. Their trunks were hollow! I could actually stand up inside one of them.

When the others had all had enough, me and Gary continued into Oxford for a wander around and ended up having food, a bowl full of char sui pork noodles for me and some kind of Chinese curry for Gary, which just finished off the long weekend πŸ˜‹



Thursday 28th to Friday 29th April

Today was a trip out – but to the Churchill Hospital in Oxford. It was for my appointment to get my mole checked. I arrived in plenty of time, so I went to the cafe there, got myself a coffee and a croissant, and I sat and people watched πŸ‘€ and did a bit of blogging too!

It was soon time for me to try and find the correct department I needed to go to. I found it easy enough but it was right over the other side of the hospital to where I was!

I saw a junior doctor who then went to get his senior doctor so they both had a look at my mole. They didn’t think it was too suspect looking but decided it would be best to have it taken out just in case. Better to be safe than sorry in this sort of case I guess. So I have to go back next week now to have the procedure 😏

The junior doctor commented on my liver transplants scar saying he liked it and thought it was very neat! 

I then told him about the little wart on my lip and that my own GP had said to ask if they could remove it. He agreed thank goodness. I told him that I was much more scared of having anything done at all now since my transplants so he explained what he was going to do. The treatment for warts is called Cryotherapy which is where they use a chemical called liquid nitrogen, which is extremely cold, to freeze and destroy the cells which in turn destroys the wart. So he put his tweezers into the liquid for a while, then took them out and squeezed them onto the wart. He did this three times. It did sting a bit but was bearable. He said the wart would turn white, then black and then eventually drop off. Great, I’m going to have to go to work tomorrow with a white patch on my face for everyone to stare at was my first thought, and also Robyn would be beside herself with laughter when I got back! 😦 

When he first opened this container all the dry ice came floating out over the sides, like some crazy experiment you see on the TV, but the photo didn’t catch it unfortunately.

By the way I did ask if I could take this photo for my blog and he asked me what it was all about. He said it was nice to meet me!!!

I eventually got back just in time for my evening walk πŸ‘£

Friday was a busy morning at work. Then someone reminded me that it was a Bank Holiday weekend coming up so that was probably why. I had completely forgotton about that!

(Just to keep you informed, nothing has happened yet on the wart front – it hasnt changed colour at all :/ )

So I’m sharing it with you! Pulls on your heart strings πŸ’—

Painful πŸ˜–


Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th April

Someone has a birthday coming up (don’t they Leah!) so I was thinking I could maybe get a bit prepared in advance for once and see if I could do a bit of birthday present shopping while I had the chance, as me and Robyn were off to Banbury this afternoon.

Reasonable success, I managed to get a few little bits and pieces :/ And we managed to fit a little trip to Costa in too. I like going out with Robyn as she nearly always lets me do that! πŸ˜†

I was having a look through my emails and I saw one from the British Liver Trust asking if I would be interested in a possible chance to be in the audience of the BBC TV programme the One Show on Wednesday regarding people who had transplants and promoting organ donation. How exciting! So I replied that yes I would be interested (if I was allowed the time off from work!) and the lady said she would get back to me with further details …

Robyn decided she was going to cook us all something to eat as she didn’t have anywhere to rush back out to this evening. So she was googling all kinds of recipes while I was driving home. She settled on some kind of rice dish with chicken, peppers, peas etc in the end. Can’t wait to taste πŸ˜‰ and for the stress in the kitchen tonight!! Then we came across a car accident that was blocking the road, it looked like it had only just happened as there were no emergency services yet but people were on the phone :/ so we had to turn around and find a different way home. This of course took longer so we were a bit late for Robyn’s pre-arranged doctor’s appointment and she then had to be squeezed in!! We had a trip around the Co-op to make to get Robyn’s important cooking ingredients and eventually made it back home.

Da-dah …

Throughout all of today I have been suffering with yet another new outbreak of my Shingles type virus. I am not liking this one bit 😩 They are getting more and more frequent. It seems that as soon as one heals another one breaks out somewhere else. This one is being particularly painful. My clothes constantly touching and rubbing against it doesn’t help at all either.

I had a sleepover with Robyn tonight. No wonder she always just falls asleep really early though, her new bed is the warmest and comfiest bed I have ever been in. It’s a real luxury.

Tuesday was NOT a good day πŸ˜₯ As if it wasn’t bad enough that my latest Shingles type outbreak was still hurting me A LOT, the day started off with Robyn finding out that one of her best friends Kayleigh was leaving the salon where they both work together and have done for quite a few years now. Robyn was very upset on hearing this news which made me upset too :/ The next disappointment was that the people from the One Show didn’t get back in touch with the British Liver Trust, so the trip to London tomorrow isn’t going to be happening. But never mind about that, would just have been another different experience to go through and more importantly something NICE!! And then the next thing was the letter waiting for me on the doormat when I got back from work. From my landlady giving me notice to move out of the house! I had heard rumours at the end of last week that this might be happening but when you actually see it in writing it all hits home a bit harder. I really could do without this. What on earth are we going to do now? 😏

We used to have a nice house. Then I separated from Robyn and Leah’s dad. Me and the kids stayed in the house while they were in full time education but always knew that one day it would have to be sold. I did actually sell it once when they were still quite young, everything was packed ready to move – and then the buyer pulled out, right at the last minute. Pretty soul destroying. I don’t think I have ever really felt settled since and that’s certainly a horrible feeling I can tell you. Many years later it was finally sold. Heartbreaking as we really didn’t want to move. We had lived there for 20 years. Financially I couldn’t afford to buy anywhere else on my own so we had to find somewhere to rent and in a reasonably short space of time. We ended up in the house we’re in now which is about half the size. And this move was all going on as I was starting to be more affected by my illness, pre transplants.

Just a bit of background information for you there to try and help to explain just how much of a big deal having to move yet again is to me 😰

Here’s a bit of information that I have recently found so click on Why it’s important for every woman to know about PBC if you fancy having a little read.

Wednesday was just a morning at work. Still feeling very sore, my head feeling very messed up, I was glad to get back home and just try and do something a bit ‘normal’ and to have a bit of quiet time just to gather my thoughtsπŸ™ƒ



Saturday 23rd to Sunday 24th April

At lunchtime we set off with Emma to McDonalds in Headington to meet up with the rest of Gary’s family. It was a get together for his niece Molly’s birthday the following day. It’s not a place I visit very often (the last time probably being when we all met there for Lily’s birthday) but I did quite enjoy my sweet chilli chicken wrap! With fries 🍟 and a strawberry milkshake of course!

When we got back I watched the Everton versus Manchester United football match on Gary’s tv. It was the FA Cup semi-final so it was quite an important match as Gary is a Man Utd fan. Thank goodness that they did win in the end 2-1. I can look forward to the final in a few weeks time now.

Here is a story which caused a bit of outrage in Brazil. One of the richest and most powerful men in the country announced plans to bury his million dollar Bentley car so he could drive around his afterlife in style. People were furious. Watch this video of the Bentley burial to find out why peoples’ opinions of him changed and he became a national hero. (If only we were rich enough to do something like that Robyn, to help with our own promotion of organ donation!)

(I would just like to take this opportunity to say hello to my regular reader in Brazil. I am amazed and thrilled πŸ˜€ I always have a sneaky look to see if the little Brazilian flag symbol appears in the views from various countries when I am reading my WordPress stats! Are you looking forward to the Olympics in August? More importantly, are you going?! I will unfortunately just be watching from the comfort of my armchair).

On Sunday for some strange reason Gary decided he was going to clean my car πŸš— for me so I left him to it and went home to do a few of my own exciting jobs! Later me and Robyn paid a visit to Julie and Hannah to see what they were up to.

When I got back to Garys he had obviously worked up a bit of an appetite and was trying to think of something he could cook for himself to eat. All I wanted was a cheese sandwich (one of my favourite things, nice tasty cheddar in some fresh seeded bread) but I wasn’t allowed :/ He had decided to cook a curry, but one that took a lot less time to make than his usual creations.

Thai red curry tonight. And it was just as delicious πŸ˜‹ 

While I was surfing on the Internet earlier I had come across something about melanomas. A bit of a coincidence I thought as I am waiting to have my own mole checked out very soon. So I thought I would put this picture up on my blog so that we all can be a bit more aware of what to look out for. The main thing to be aware of is if there are any changes in the appearance of your moles. Please make sure you all keep a check on things, it’s so important. Early detection can make a big difference in the treatment you may need.

I have to say my own mole does actually look more like the pictures in the top row, so I’m hoping it’s all okay when I go on Thursday.

On a much lighter note, if you have a few minutes to spare have a look at these Pom Pom cupcakes – I think their really cute. I can remember making pom poms with my mum when I was younger. I think the most adventurous we got was to stick shapes made from felt on them to make funny faces!