Lunch with Leah


Monday 5th to Wednesday 7th September

It’s Organ Donation Week – 5th to 11th September.

So on Monday we were in the local newspaper again! helping to promote organ donation. (They used a bit of an awful picture though 😱 If I can remember correctly it was taken pretty early in the morning and not many months after my transplants, so that’s my excuse for my puffy face!)

Leah had a few days off from work this week. The aim was to try and get some jobs and packing done ready for our house move. 

This afternoon we had a meeting in the Halifax building society in Banbury. We needed to sort out an old child’s account that Leah still had (and which we have been meaning to do for literally years!)

And then as it was a Monday of course I had to have a visit to Costa with Robyn, and this time also Leah was able to come. Oh, they both seemed to be so thrilled with that 🙄

How about this for a good idea? Go ahead and get your tattoos! 🤔

Tuesday. A day to be spent with Leah for a change 😬 We did some jobs at home in the morning and then Leah needed to have a trip into a place in Witney so they could give her some advice about the broken camera on her iPad. So off I went too. We also donated a bag to the charity shop there, did a tiny bit of food shopping, paid a visit to yet another building society and then – had a very delicious lunch together.

Homemade chilli and chips for me and a slightly more healthy jacket potato with salad for Leah 😋

I was also able to take my ‘high protein’ liquid sachets (which I had to add to drinks to try and help build me up) to the pharmacy for them to destroy as I don’t need to use them anymore. Well I haven’t for a while actually, they have just been sat in a cupboard. That was a very good feeling I must say 😃 I always did my best to avoid using them anyway!

In the evening it was time for a walk. Yes I know it’s only Tuesday but us ‘walkers’ were going out on Thursday for some food so we changed the day so we could still get a walk in as well! But maybe I shouldn’t really have gone – as I fell over! 😫 No damage was done thankfully. My family thought it was highly hilarious though when I got back and told them what had happened. Meanies!

Wednesday was just a work day.

I have seen many clever things in the past that have been made from Lego, but I do think this is probably one of the most unusual – Lego leg 😀

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