What a month


Saturday 1st to Thursday 20th October

October. And what a month it has been so far šŸ˜–

I have dressed up as an elf for a fancy dress party, went for a wander around Banbury Canal Day and then had a nice roast dinner for Hannah’s belated birthday celebrations, visited my friend Nina (which definitely did cheer me up for a little while!) I walked along to the salon so that Robyn could do my hair (lovely head massage šŸ’†) before she went away on holiday, the lucky thing! (She had left a little treasure hunt for me again, and when I solved the clues for each day there was a treat left there and at the end of the week a message had been spelt out – I do know that I am spoilt!) Gary and me went out for another roast dinner, Julie and Hannah came round one evening to help us sort and clean, we got the house ready as best we could for a viewing from the estate agent as the house were in is now already up for sale, went out for a cooked breakfast, visited my brother and Robyn came home safely šŸ˜€ 

I have had a visit to the doctors which I almost gave up on because I waited 2 hours to be seen. I was very fed up. Thank goodness I had a prearranged meeting with my friend Jackie later that day for a much needed cuppa ā˜•ļø 

I had been having some pains in my side and back area so I was given some antibiotics for a possible water infection (I wasn’t 100% convinced with this but we’ll see what happens). I also had high blood pressure. And the next day I also found a new outbreak of the Shingles type virus that I get so you could say I wasn’t feeling particularly great!

I have had a couple of days off from work from being ill, a few days off as holiday, apart from that I have still been working and volunteering as normal.

I have also spent quite a lot of this month crying šŸ˜° and being just completely stressed out. The main reason for this being the dreaded house move which has just been going on for SO long now. I seem to have been having to contact all the parties concerned more and more as the weeks have gone on, chasing to get things sorted as we need to be out of the house we are in at the moment on 31st October. I didn’t seem to be getting any sensible answers from anyone, just always ‘we’re now waiting for this or that to happen’, so frustrating. It was certainly looking like we were going to be homeless for a while until the house purchase finally goes through. And knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to provide Robyn and Leah with a home is upsetting and makes me feel so guilty, that’s my job as their mum isn’t it? Instead we were all having to ask family/boyfriends if we would be able to stay with them for a short time and also trying to find some storage for all of our belongings! 

I had definitely had enough now, I was finding it difficult to cope with. They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can go through. I can tell you that feeling ill all the way through it too is not something that I would recommend šŸ˜–

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