I was hurting


Friday 21st to Thursday 27th October

Happy Birthday to my big brother George 🍻

The troops were coming today! Julie, Hannah and Lynda. Robyn and me had the day off work (poor Leah couldn’t get the day off but joined us later in the afternoon). The plan was for us to move some of the boxes that were packed and ready over to Lynda’s house in nearby Hook Norton (she had very kindly agreed to us storing some of our things in the workshop she has next to her house, until we had another house to put them in!).

After loading two cars, driving over to Hooky, unloading everything, stopping for a cup of tea and a slice of cake, driving back and just getting ready to start the second load, I get an unexpected phone call from Leah. The solicitor had just rung her at work to ask her if we wanted to exchange contracts on our house purchase this very afternoon! What??? What on earth had happened to suddenly turn everything around so quickly? – but of course we very happily agreed.

Our jobs for today had now changed, we didn’t need to take any more things over to Lynda’s. We would hopefully now be able to move it straight into our new house 😀 So we all went down to the kitchen and started to have a mass pack and clean in there.

After all of that action I had to then call up to the doctors because a blood pressure machine had become available. I had to have this at home for a week and record my own blood pressure twice a day. And while I was there I got talked into having a flu jab 💉 which I was not very happy about 😕

Since hearing the good news, for the rest of the week Robyn, Leah and me have spent most of our time cleaning, packing and sorting with a lot of help from Julie and Hannah and we’ve also been lucky enough to have help from Tom, Jack and Gary.


Of course I have been feeling quite unwell through it all and to add to that my arm was VERY sore from the jab for a few days. I went to work one day while not feeling too great :/  I paid another visit to the doctors because it was looking like my Shingles type patch was a bit infected – it was hurting ☹️ She gave me some antibiotics and some cream (this treatment is still yet to be started :/ )

Although I have been doing as I’m told and taking my blood pressure all week, even though I’m not sure the timing is very good, as I am still stressed and constantly on the go to try and get everything done ready for moving. What with doing this first thing every morning and then taking my tablets it feels a little bit like being back in hospital! 😖

And as if I haven’t got enough to do this week I have just had to attend a National Speed Awareness Course (on my way to the John Radcliffe one morning for my volunteering duties I was caught going a few miles over the 30mph speeding limit! Naughty me!) The registration for this course was 7.45 AM 😱 Can you believe that? This meant I needed to leave my house at around 7 to give me a chance of being on time. It was going to be quite an achievement for me to do this, I am not known for getting up bright and early. 

But I did it 🤗

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