Thursday 1st to Friday 23rd December

And so it’s now December!

And this dreaded thing called Christmas seems to come and take over my life :/

Weekends have mainly been taken up with endless trips to the shops looking for suitable Christmas presents for everyone. Exhausting, both physically and mentally!

Then of course there is the mountains of presents to be wrapped, the Xmas decorations, food shopping, all to be fitted in around all the endless but normal household jobs that have to be done.

I think Leah had the best idea when she went away with Jack to the seaside for a week 🤔

I finally managed to arrange to get the dining room table back from my brother. He has very kindly been looking after it since we last moved house two years ago as we just had no room for it anywhere, but he seemed to have taken a bit of a shine to it since and was a tiny bit reluctant to give it back! 😳

I’ve had my hair cut and coloured. You get cake in Robyn’s salon now! 🙂 

Work has obviously been very chaotic as I work in a local supermarket. The amount of food people have in their trolleys when they get to the checkout amazes me! I always wonder to myself about how much of it actually gets eaten?

I’ve been on three Christmas meals. All so very different. The volunteer Christmas party was an experience. I had no idea what to expect, I think just a few volunteers getting together. But no. A very grand affair with 100 people! I only knew the two organisers who were obviously very busy rushing around so I felt very ‘alone’ there. It was almost too much for me to cope with but I was quite proud of myself that I persevered and stayed in the end. Mainly thanks to a 79 year old man (you would never have guessed that) who kind of took me under his wing :/ and then sitting next to Corky the guide dog (and his owner) also helped me.

I’ve had a clinic visit. It looks like my kidneys are being affected by my anti rejection medication that I have to take so I am being referred to the Churchill Hospital in Oxford so they can now keep an eye on that part of my body there! My blood pressure was high which can also affect the kidneys, so I have been given some extra tablets to take for that. I also discovered that I have been taking the wrong dose of ursodeoxycholic acid (this is what I take to try and help my liver) since my last appointment so I have to add another extra tablet of that to my night time medication now. My tablet collection seems to be steadily growing again. I don’t like it 😦

It’s been a tough month in many different ways.

Also three incredibly sad things have happened and have been very hard to deal with. A lovely lady that I used to work with some years ago now sadly passed away. My friend Mark didn’t make it through the complications of his liver transplant surgery in the end (Mark’s funeral service was different, upsetting of course, but very lovely). We had to have our dog Jake put to sleep. At the moment these things are still too upsetting for me to even think or talk about, I am hiding them away somewhere 😫

It has been decided to have Christmas Day lunch at our new house this year (among the boxes that have now just been put to one side, the unpacking and sorting will now have to resume in the New Year). Julie and Hannah are joining Robyn, Leah, myself and Gary – who decided he would like the chef’s job.

So wish us luck … 😂

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