Racing reindeers


Friday 25th to Wednesday 30th November

Off I went to work on this Friday morning, but with my thoughts being very much elsewhere. Back at the QE Hospital, wondering how Mark was doing and thinking of all the other very poorly patients.

In the evening I went out for a meal with Gary and his family. 

On Saturday I went to a ‘reindeer race night’. It starts off with an auction type bid to buy the horses for each race, a jockey gets chosen, they put on the relevant different coloured hat and sit on small wooden horses (vaguely decorated as reindeers especially for Christmas!) on a course which is marked out with tape on the floor, massive dice are thrown and the reindeers move along accordingly. You can then have a 50p bet on whichever one you think might win. A bit bizarre but a bit of fun. 

The rest of my weekend was spent shopping for Christmas presents (well that was the idea although I’m not sure I was too successful) and I’m sure I would have spent quite a bit of my time doing lots of household jobs too.

Monday was the day that the headboard was finally delivered for my new bed. Feels like I’ve been waiting for ages for that! 

As Gary had the day off we had a trip to IKEA. It seems to take a long time to walk around that place, we were in there for hours! Then on to the big Asda superstore which is next door. A long day of shopping.

It would have been my dad’s birthday today. Cheers dad 🍻

On both Tuesday and Wednesday I went to work, despite the fact that I didn’t feel very well.

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