Bed space 12


Monday 21st to Thursday 24th November

Monday – Leah had bought herself a lovely new unit for her bedroom with two wardrobes and cupboards that goes over the top of the bed. Because it was so big, looked quite complicated and it was advised on the instructions that more than one person would be needed to put it all together, she had also arranged for someone to come and do that job. Leah was at work but as I had the day off it had been arranged for today.

So one young man turned up on his own! I thought to myself, surely he is not going to be able to do this 🤔 Leah will be cross if she gets home and it’s not been done.

I had to break off three times from my own jobs that I was trying to sort out :/ to hold certain bits for him while he tightened the screws up (it’s not heavy he told me!!! 💪) but apart from that he did a really good job. It looks great. And most importantly Leah was really pleased with it.

Later in the evening we all seemed to get ‘the bug’ and did various jobs in our own bedrooms.


Tuesday and Wednesday – Work and time spent at home doing all the various things that needed doing about the house.

Thursday – I decided that I wanted to go and visit my friend Mark (who I have met through my volunteering work at the John Radcliffe hospital) who recently finally got ‘the call’ and had received his liver transplant. He has been suffering with complications since and still wasn’t conscious. During our chats I had promised him I would visit when he got his transplant and I wanted to make sure I did that. 

It was going to be the first time that I had driven to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham on my own but I was determined to do it. So I borrowed Tom’s satnav and off I went. The journey was fine. I was pleased with myself 🙂

I met up with Mark’s brother outside Critical Care and we went in to see him. It was difficult for me going back there, especially when I found out that he was in the exact same bed that I was in when I was very ill. What are the chances of that?!  What memories I have from being in that bed. And most of them are not nice ones 😩 

I spent most of the day there, going out from time to time to the waiting room when they needed to do certain things to Mark. It all made me think about what my children, Gary and my family went through and how they must have felt when they were all visiting me. They have previously told me all about having to go to the waiting room at various times and the things they did there to try and help them through some very tough times.

It was upsetting to see Mark the way he was but I was really glad that I had made the effort. It’s tough when you visit places like that where people are all so very ill and literally fighting to survive and then just a few steps away back into the outside world everyone is just rushing around doing their ‘normal’ things, driving, working, shopping, sat drinking coffee, whatever. I find it quite bizarre and difficult to get my head around.

But I needed to pull myself together and concentrate for my journey home 🚗

I got back just in time for my much needed evening walk. Fresh air, tiny bit of exercise and a chat. Good stress relief.

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