A cuddle with Daisy


Monday 14th to Sunday 20th November

The following days were spent doing jobs all mainly related to the house move.

I went back down to the old house and cleared out the last things from the shed there. When I got back I was lucky enough to get a cuddle with baby Daisy (Robyn’s friend Katie had popped round for a visit) πŸ‘Ά My new bed was delivered (so this now meant that my old bed was squeezed down in the living room among all the boxes that are still waiting to be unpacked. Thankfully someone came to collect it later in the week after I had advertised it as going for free to anyone that wanted it!) I drove over to my sister’s house in a nearby village to bring back a couple of the boxes that we had previously taken over there for storage, unfortunately that is all that would fit into my little mini πŸ˜πŸš—

I went to work.

Robyn had a hospital appointment arranged so we went off to Banbury and managed to do a bit of shopping first. I got my first Christmas Costa! πŸ˜€

I had a cold and have also been suffering very regularly with the Shingles type virus that I get (I seem to be getting a new outbreak every week at the minute πŸ˜•) so I couldn’t really go and volunteer. It was all making me feel pretty miserable. And I also feel very frustrated when I can’t make it in to the John Radcliffe hospital.

But instead of resting I decided to give the bathroom a good clean up and sort out, put up the new shower curtain and a fun wall hanging. I’m just waiting to find a suitable storage chest for that room now.

Then I arranged to meet my landlady and handed back all of our keys and received back the deposit that we paid over 2 years ago which is when we first moved in. That was everything finally all sorted now at number 29. I was very ill while living there, left from there to have my transplant and spent a lot of time on my own there during my recovery, so it will always hold some special memories for me (alongside some other very frustrating memories πŸ˜–)

I carried on walking into town and treated myself to a CaffΓ¨ Nero! I also had another nice walk later with my walking friends. 

I went to work again.

Any spare time that I did find was spent unpacking boxes or any of the other day to day jobs that also have to be done.

At the weekend lots more DIY was continuing to be done at my house. My brother also called round. I was making bacon sandwiches at the time and it made me quite happy to make him one too (I’ve quite possibly never done that for him before!) Most unexpectedly later in the evening it turned out to be a curry Saturday πŸ˜‹

Chicken and mushroom with side dishes of sweet potato and green beans, both with mustard seeds. Rice and tomato garnish!

Gary, Robyn and myself called over to my niece Claire’s to take some drawers that none of us had a use for anymore. Her daughter Tia was going to have them. That was another thing sorted and cleared. Off out in the evening with Gary for some food, a very delicious roast dinner for me 😬

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