Big bed


Thursday 26th to Friday 27th January

I didn’t go volunteering this Thursday as Robyn had a doctor’s appointment and I went along with her. Robyn went back to work and I spent the rest of the day at home. I think I was fiddling about in my bedroom quite a lot as I still have stuff to sort out in there and a few more boxes still to unpack. I have too many clothes! I know its taking me a long time to do but I am trying to have a good sort out at the same time, rather than just stacking everything away in just whatever space I can find.

Leah has been waiting to get a new bed for I dont know how long 😖 Her old bed was not much use and finally broke last year sometime. She decided to postpone looking until we had moved into our new house – a nice new bed for a nice new bedroom!

Unfortunately she hasn’t been able to find one that she likes anywhere, so as Jack’s brother is a carpenter it was agreed that he could make one for her, a real nice chunky solid one, but this would need to be fitted around his regular work. Eventually it was done and it arrived in the house a few weeks ago but then – it didnt fit!!!!! Another wait for the ‘brother’ to have the time to come over and make the alterations, so meanwhile the bits of the bed were stored behind our sofa in the living room and behind the dining room table. But finally this evening, the time had come. It was all going up to the bedroom to be altered and fixed together. 

But it was time for my evening walk. I was kind of dreading coming back, as I thought something was bound to have gone wrong 😳 But thankfully it was all good 😆 So now for the varnishing …

Think I’d like to go and stay here while that’s going on! Don’t these Atlantic Surfpods look great? You could even stay in a treehouse 🙂

After that Friday was just a normal work day followed by jobs at home.

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